About Us

Tuxera Story

Tuxera creates software that lets you do more with your devices. We break down barriers between different technologies and make using them safer and easier.

Our software makes your device run longer and faster, whether it is a phone, TV or a car. We make sure that you are in control of your data and it is always available where you need it.

When things work, your life becomes easier.




What do we stand by

Responsible flexibility


We work on case-by-case basis to meet varying customer needs. Customization and flexibility result in added quality, efficiency and quick response time.

Strength in diversity


Being culturally diverse means that we can see a big picture. It helps us serve customers on a global level, understand their needs and choose the right approach.

Excellence in all actions


High quality is predominant in everything we do, from picking the right team for the project to delivery and support.

Nothing is impossible


We are open to challenges. Through the innovation and new technology we make the impossible happen.

Tuxera Timeline

Tuxera’s roots are in the open source NTFS file system development dating back to the late 1990s. Szabolcs Szakacsits founded NTFS-3G project, which incorporated as a Finland based company NTFS-3G Technology in 2008. Meanwhile Anton Altaparmakov had been developing and maintaining NTFS file system in the Linux kernel. In 2009 the company was renamed to Tuxera Inc. with Mikko Välimäki as CEO, Szabolcs as President and CTO and Anton as the lead file system developer. The name Tuxera was chosen to reflect the company believed “Tux” (the Linux penguin’s name) would be in the new “era” in every device. The name also reflected the company would work on other file systems and software technologies starting with the new file system standard exFAT.

2006 – 2008

Szabolcs Szakacsits starts NTFS development and NTFS-3G Technology is founded.



Tuxera Inc. is founded with Mikko Välimäki as CEO and Szabolcs Szakacsits leading the development with Anton Altaparmakov.


The company lands Microsoft as the first partner.


Tuxera became the first company to release exFAT file system for Linux, Android and other platforms designed to support the new SDXC memory card standard. The same year Tuxera also joined SD Card Association and Microsoft’s Interoperability Vendor Alliance.


The company opens new offices in Sunnyvale, Silicon Valley, USA, and Taipei, Taiwan to meet the high demand from local customers and partners.


Tuxera software starts shipping in an increasing number of consumer electronic devices from smartphones and tablets to smart TVs and home appliances.


Product portfolio is extended to include HFS+ and FAT file systems. Tuxera partners with chipset companies, OEMs and ODMs.



To better serve the customers in the area, Tuxera opens offices in Seoul, Korea and Beijing, China.


Tuxera expands quickly in the Asian market and introduces new products to include file systems for enterprise storages.

Tuxera wins Red Herring Global 100 Award for successful entrepreneurial management and global potential. The company receives also the highest alfa credit rating to reflect sound financial position and fast growth potential.


Announces partnerships with Intel, Rockchip, MStar and ARM.


Tuxera ships on the most popular Android phones and tablets from the leading manufacturers.


The company receives Deloitte Technology Fast award for impressive growth.


Signs extensive deals with LG and Fujitsu, all in line with increasing investments in Asia.


Tuxera software powers in-car infotainment in the latest Audi and BMW models


Announces new partnerships with Marvell, NVIDIA and Green Hills Software.



Tuxera announces AllConnect App, revolutionizing content streaming technology. Compatible with all the latest technologies, operating systems and platforms it enables the users to play what’s on their phone or tablet on any device in their home including smart TVs, wireless speakers, set-top boxes and many others.


Tuxera exFAT is approved as Works with GENIVI component. It is in production on several automotive platforms, and since 2013 on a GENIVI 1.0 platform.


Tuxera announces all-new high-performance, fail-safe FAT for Android and Linux. Modern Tuxera FAT implementation offers ultra fast data transfer and handling with the latest storages.


Tuxera is ranked the Strongest Company in the Province 2013 due to exceptionally high growth and excellent financial standing.


Tuxera introduces AllConnect SDK, a software platform that allows users to communicate with and control all devices at home and in the car regardless of the brand, operating system or protocol. AllConnect is the only solution on the market with support for all the streaming and IoT technologies, and compatible with all Apple and Google platforms, all DIAL and DLNA devices, AllPlay, UPnP and many more.


Tuxera joins AllSeen Alliance and implements support for AllPlay.


Tuxera Launches AllConnect Receiver. Paired with any application built on top of the AllConnect technology, it enables any device to receive and play any content sent from a phone or a tablet.

Tuxera has been recognized as one of the best places to work in Finland.

Tuxera joins Renesas R-Car Consortium to further advance development of the new generation in-car infotainment systems.



Tuxera releases Flash File System for Android and Linux. Tuxera Flash is an all-in-one solution for flash storages such as eMMC and eSD. It significantly increases the flash memory lifetime and prevents file system fragmentation.


Tuxera introduces feature-rich SMB implementation. Tuxera SMB offers the best performance on the market and supports the latest SMB protocols for ultimate interoperability. Authentication and encryption ensure secure premium content sharing with multiple SMB clients at the same time.

Tuxera ranks the 5th fastest growing software company in Deloitte Fast 500 EMEA listing.