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About Us

Brief history

Tuxera’s roots are in open source NTFS development dating to late 1990s. At that time Anton Altaparmakov emerged as the lead developer and maintainer of the Linux NTFS kernel driver. He went on to work for Apple to develop NTFS into Mac OS X between 2005-2008. Meanwhile, Szabolcs Szakacsits continued to lead the development under the name NTFS-3G aiming at a reliable, platform independent NTFS driver. The new driver became the first to gain full read/write support in 2006. Commercial activity started in 2007 when Szabolcs found out he was having more and more requests from companies to license, integrate and support the NTFS driver into their platforms. Increasing demand lead to the founding of the company next year.

In 2009, Mikko Välimäki joined as CEO. Anton Altaparmakov and other key developers joined the team as well. Tuxera Inc. was launched on the roots of NTFS-3G and other open source projects. The new name was chosen to reflect the company would offer other interoperable file systems in addition to NTFS. In August, Tuxera signed an intellectual property agreement with Microsoft, joined Microsoft’s interoperability vendor alliance, and announced as the first company an exFAT driver designed to support the new SDXC memory card standard.

In 2010 the company opened new offices in Sunnyvale, Silicon Valley, USA, and Taipei, Taiwan to meet the high demand from local customers and partners. Product portfolio was extended to include HFS+ and FAT file systems. Many new partnerships with chipset companies, OEMs and ODMs were formed and published. Company’s technology found its way to all kind of devices from mobile phones to tablets, from set-top boxes to TVs and home storage appliances.

In 2011 Tuxera XFS was launched to target enterprise storages. Tuxera Recovery launched to strengthen Tuxera’s growing Mac and Windows application business. Company received Red Herring Global 100 Award to celebrate the successful entrepreneurial management and global potential. Tuxera was also awarded the highest alfa credit rating to reflect sound financial position and the great opportunity to continue on the fast growth track.

In 2012 the company continued to execute its expansion plan opening offices in Korea and China. Tuxera announced to work with most of the Android smartphone and tablet manufacturers as their file system supplier. Audi and BMW became the first car brands to ship with Tuxera file systems. Tuxera received Deloitte Technology Fast award for exceptionally high revenue growth.

Some milestones


  • Tuxera wins Deloitte Technology Fast award
  • Pantech, Panasonic and other Android manufacturers shipping with Tuxera
  • Extensive technical cooperation with LG and Fujitsu, in line with increasing investments in Asia
  • BMW and Audi shipping with Tuxera
  • Marvell, NVIDIA and Green Hills partnerships announced
  • Korea office in Seoul and China office in Beijing


  • Tuxera wins 2010 Red Herring Global 100 Award
  • Tuxera becomes Strongest in Finland 2011
  • Tuxera XFS released
  • Partnerships with Intel, Rockchip, MStar and ARM published
  • Tuxera Recovery released


  • Partnerships with Freescale, QNX, Mentor Graphics and PLX published
  • Tuxera exFAT released
  • American office in Sunnyvale, Silicon Valley
  • Tuxera HFS+ and Tuxera FAT released
  • Tuxera File System Suite released: first to combine NTFS, exFAT, FAT32 and HFS+
  • Asian office in Taipei, Taiwan


  • Mikko Välimäki and Anton Altaparmakov join
  • Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation awards funding
  • Tuxera Inc. and www.tuxera.com launched
  • Agreements with Microsoft
  • Tuxera NTFS for Embedded Systems and Tuxera NTFS for Mac released
  • Partnership with Cavium Networks published
  • Tuxera enters Eurecan Venture Contest TOP 25


  • NTFS-3G Technology founded


  • Szabolcs Szakacsits founds NTFS-3G and starts NTFS business

Mikko Välimäki, left, and Szabolcs Szakacsits, right