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Thesis Worker

At Tuxera we are committed to bring people the most complete interoperability between mobile phones, tablets, set-top boxes, TVs, automotive infotainment and any electronic devices. Tuxera develops file systems, storage management and wireless media sharing software to the consumer electronics brands all around the globe. We are always looking for the very best professionals to join our growing team. Tuxera was recently ranked as #3 most successful software company in Finland.

Tuxera is continuously looking for talented and highly motivated Thesis Workers.

Are you planning to start working on your graduation thesis in Software Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Software Business or a related field?
Tuxera has a long history with the leading universities in Finland, and its directors have supervised tens of excellent B.Sc and M.Sc theses over the years. We will work with you to define a topic that has both practical value and intellectual challenge.

Some example areas we are interested in:

1. Linux kernel development
Do you have previous experience from writing Linux kernel code or device drivers through professional assignments or school and hobby projects? Are you enthusiastic to become a kernel developer who is recognized by the open source community?
2. Applications development
Create innovative applications that ensure interoperability between personal computers, mobile phones and consumer electronics devices.
3. Software business and Marketing
Become a business expert in two dynamic and global markets: Applications development and Embedded Software.

How to apply:
This position will be full-time for a fixed period. Tuxera office is located in Lauttasaari, Helsinki, Finland. To apply, please send us an email to jobs(AT) including your CV and describing your professional motivations.