Management | Tuxera


mikkoMikko Välimäki, CEO. Mikko lead’s Tuxera’s day-to-day operations. Under Mikko’s leadership Tuxera has managed fast growth, won external funding, opened American and Asian offices, reached Eurocan Venture Contest top 25, and won 2010 Red Herring Global 100 award. Mikko is a serial entrepreneur who has launched software companies, a technology law firm, and taught technology law and business in American and European universities. Mikko has also published four books on software licensing, copyright, patents and related topics. He has LL.M. from the University of Helsinki and Ph.D from the Helsinki University of Technology.

szakaSzabolcs Szakacsits, President and CTO. Szabolcs leads the company’s software development and 24/7 customer services. He founded and led his software company specialized in Linux and Internet for years in Hungary, then developed computer games with Androsoft led by Erno Rubik. Szabolcs moved to Finland in 2000 and worked for F-Secure and Ericsson before co-founding Tuxera, based on the open source project he has led since 2006. He has M.Sc from Attila Jozsef University of Sciences, Szeged, Hungary.