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Also Nook HD and HD+ ship with SDXC support

  • November 9, 2012 /
  • by Mikko Välimäki

Barnes & Noble’s new Nook HD and HD+ are finally out and we have our unit here at Tuxera as well. Nook specs only talk about microSD and microSDHC support up to 32GB and some reviews based on early specs and test units tell the same. So as the developers we are proud to make it clear that the actually shipping Nook HD and HD+ do support microSDXC cards according to the SDXC standard. Yes, Nook reads and writes in exFAT format and the high capacity memory cards do not need any reformatting. You will get the full 64GB (or more) what the card supports without any limits to file sizes. It is also now explained in the Nook manual on page 93:

Besides, the new Nook is a one cool device. Ideal for ebooks but works also well for your other content, videos and pictures especially now that you can plug & play the storage with your phone. You have the option to be free from the cloud.

Mikko Välimäki
Mikko is Tuxera's CEO. He leads Tuxera’s day-to-day operations and helps to drive Tuxera’s overall strategy. Under his leadership Tuxera expanded globally and entered a path of financial strength and fast growth; he's played an instrumental role in establishing company’s most important partnerships and negotiating key licensing deals.
Mikko joined Tuxera as an experienced entrepreneur, having launched several software companies in the past. He also taught technology law and business at universities in Europe and the US and published books on software licensing, copyright, patents and related topics.