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Boost the Connection Speeds & Maximize the Hardware

According to recent study from Strategy Analytics, by 2020 an average user will own more than 4 connected devices, up from 7 devices per household today. Increasing number of connected devices, not to mention the growing popularity of HD and Ultra HD video streaming, puts a significant strain on the home network. At today’s home several devices are in constant use: smartphones, tablets, smartTVs, game consoles and laptops. People want to control their home automation systems and quickly download favorite series from Netflix and music playlists from Spotify or Deezer. Most of these activities happen all at the same time.

Routers and media gateways at the hub of the connected home must provide fast Internet connecting everything and everyone at home making sure that all the users can get online and do more at the same time. This multi-user and and multi-screen environment needs much increased speeds and a higher network capacity to satisfy growing customer expectations.

Released this September RT-AC87U, a dual-band wireless router from ASUS, ranks as one of the fastest routers available on the market supporting 802.11ac, the latest wireless IEEE networking standard. Users choose it for the ease of use, high-performance and advanced features. Why else? With Tuxera optimization for network storages everyone can access and transfer large number of files quickly and efficiently. Fast loading any UHD video is another plus. Thanks to low CPU consumption, there is also more room for other applications to run smoothly. You can find Tuxera solutions powering all the latest wireless router models from ASUS as well as its popular Transformer tablets, PadFone and FonePad phones. Interested in hearing more about our solutions for home networking? Drop us an email.

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Tuxera NTFS for Mac with Full Support For OS X Yosemite

Apple just rolled out with the latest updates. At the event last night the company unveiled a new, slimmer version of iPad 2 along with updates to iPad mini iMac computers. Last but not least, new operating system – OS X Yosemite is now available for a download from the Mac App Store.

The upgrade is completely free and comes with several exciting features. Mac and iOS operating systems not only look similar but are now very much interconnected. For instance, you can easily move your work between Mac, iPhone and iPad and pick up exactly when you left off on the other device. You can also make and receive calls directly from your Mac. Very nifty.

To make sure you are always up to date, we have a fresh update of Tuxera NTFS for Mac for you, now with full support for the OS X Yosemite. If you are not planning on upgrading just yet, it works perfectly fine with all Mac OS X versions starting from 10.4 (Tiger).

The update is free of charge for all our registered customers. Download it now and enjoy seamless compatibility with NTFS drives. Interested but haven’t purchased the software yet? We offer 15-day trial during which you can test Tuxera NTFS for Mac and see how it works.

Do you have any questions or comments? Our support team will be happy to help.

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Download it on Kindle: Streambels Now Available on Amazon App Store

Following the September’s launch on iTunes, Streambels is now out on Amazon App Store. It’s just a click away if you are looking for a way to stream content from your Kindle, Fire HD and HDX, Fire phone and any other phone or tablet to Amazon Fire TV and all other devices at home including wireless speakers, smart TVs, game consoles and many more. With support for both iOS and Android, including all the Amazon Android-based devices, you don’t have worry about any compatibility issues. Streambels is also the only application available on iPhone and iPad that works seamlessly with the Fire TV. In the upcoming months expect to hear more about added features and redesigned UI. Both this and iOS version of Streambels are completely free of charge. Own a Kindle or a Fire phone? Download the app and see how easy media streaming can be.


Streambels and AllConnect

Based on Tuxera’s AllConnect SDK Streambels lets you enjoy your content on any device without having to configure the hardware or learn all the complexities behind the technology. With your content stored in the cloud, various video, photo & music services and shared all over the social media, it’s challenging to gather it in one place so it will be always accessed for editing, playback and streaming. AllConnect manages all that while removing all the limitations related to brand-own ecosystem, protocol and operating system. Using Streambels you can see how devices running different operating systems and supporting incompatible protocols can connect, communicate and share data without hitting unnecessary hurdles.

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Interoperability for Everyone

This week you can find a Tuxera spread in Finland’s top business & finance paper, Kauppalehti. This time we made it to the cover of the most successful on the Finnish technology scene. Some of you must have seen a similar feature in Spring 2013 when we appeared in the section presenting Finland’s most exciting startups. With the growth off the charts, Tuxera is constantly ranked as one of the fastest growing high-tech companies in Finland.

Every second three devices powered with Tuxera are released to the market.

- Kauppalehti feature on Tuxera

What is the key to our success? Focused on file system and streaming technology, we enable people to do more and be more. On average you can find around ten different Tuxera-powered devices in every household. What about your new connected car? It’s highly possible that its infotainment system comes with Tuxera inside. Tuxera software not only maximizes the hardware, but also ensures that your data is never lost and always available for editing, transfer or streaming. One of our latest innovations – AllConnect SDK connects the unconnected letting all your devices talk to each other no matter the brand, protocol or operating system.

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Tuxera Showcase @OPEN Automotive’14 & GENIVI Member Meeting in Detroit

Join us for a technology showcase at the OPEN Automotive’14, part of the GENIVI member meeting in Detroit this October. Open to the public, the event focuses on the connected car and its role in the IoT. Head to our stand for:

  • Fail-safe demo showcasing high-performance, endurance and reliability
  • Content streaming demo presenting Tuxera’s AllConnect SDK and Streambels

Sharing relevant data inside and outside the car is going to be one of the biggest trends for the drivers in the next five years, enhancing the overall driving experience. A common problem that many designers of the automotive IVI systems face is a sudden power loss. As a safeguard against it, Tuxera’s automated testing reproduces various critical scenarios to always ensure full data security. During the demo we will show how fail-safe by design, Tuxera solutions guarantee that no data gets lost or corrupted in case of plug-off, power-off or a system crash.

Connected automotive infotainment is quickly becoming a must for every car manufacturer. It’s also one of the major factors influencing the decision of buying a certain car model. The customers expect to always be able to access their content no matter whether they are at home, visiting friends or going for a road trip. Tuxera’s AllConnect SDK solves this problem. With support for all the latest streaming technologies, it makes sure that the user can access and manage data regardless of where it is stored and listen or display it on any connected device. What if the device does not support any of the protocols? We developed AllConnect Receiver that paired with any application built on top of the AllConnect technology will allow any device, be it smart TV or a car dashboard, to receive and display the content. At the event in Detroit you will have a unique opportunity to see how an app built on top of AllConnect SDK, here Streambels, works in real life.

Want to know more? Get in touch with our team.

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Tuxera to the Moon

With the decline of the government funded space exploration more and more commercial companies are getting involved in the space development. It has a high potential with projects ranging from space tourism to extraterrestrial mining. Now that it’s open to competition, space economy gets a big boost from private investments such as Virgin Galactic and Elon Musk’s SpaceX which focus on innovation, sustainability and a longterm growth. The commercial sector is also increasingly responsible for launching satellites and supplying the International Space Station (ISS) with cargo and the crew. Boeing and SpaceX just won the highly anticipated space taxi contract from NASA. The companies are teaming up to develop a new fleet of American spacecrafts.

We decided to get involved in some of the activities as well. Tuxera is now sponsoring Team Puli, a group of talented engineers from Hungary, in the exciting Google Lunar XPRIZE challenge. 18 out 29 original teams are competing to create, develop and land a remote controlled robot on the moon. The rover has to travel at least 500 meters and transmit a so-called Mooncast, a high-quality package of digital data, back to the Earth. The deadline is now set for the end of 2015. As the Team Puli says, the ultimate goal of the competition is to explore new frontiers, raise interest in the space exploration and bring real quality to the investors interested in commercializing the space.

Together with Tuxera’s technical expertise and Puli Space’s top notch engineering team, we aim to make history with the first privately funded and engineered Moon landing.

- Tuxera and Team Puli PR

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Road to Internet of Everything

Our streaming solutions’ expert, Claudio Camacho talks about Internet of Everything and how AllConnect SDK and Streambels fit into all of this.

From IFA International:

The Internet of Things has arrived, but the internet of EVERYTHING is just around the corner

Today there are more objects and devices that are connected to the internet than ever before. In the near future, pretty much everything you can imagine, a fridge, a door, a window, will start providing useful information. Gartner has predicted that by 2020, there will be 26bn inter-connected devices.

[...] What IoE refers to and what are the main challenges

It refers to the interconnection of ALL objects that have connectivity. The main challenge will be how to provide a meaningful interconnectivity between these devices. For instance, what is the benefit for people when their fridge communicates with their toaster? It’s a case of trying to figure out how these interactions can become more meaningful and valuable to the end user.

What’s driving the market?

First and foremost, the cost of computing and networking has been decreasing over the past 10 years, and it’s expected to decrease even faster over the next five to ten years. The availability of wireless technology and internet access everywhere has laid a perfect base for everything to be connected and smart at virtually no cost. So there is a unique opportunity for electronics manufacturers to enter a completely new market of incalculable size and value – of homes, offices, everything.


So what can be done to solve this?

The goal is, and must be, to make the end-user’s life easy. The consumer should be given the power to do incredible things with technology without having to learn all the complexity behind. To counter this, Tuxera has developed, with the aim of bringing a large number of major brands under one umbrella, the AllConnect Software Development Kit (SDK), a platform allowing every device to talk together seamlessly, regardless of operating system, protocol or network topology.

Find the full interview on IFA International website.

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Streambels now Available on iPhone and iPad

Yesterday Apple released iPhone 6 and iWatch and today we have a fresh iOS version of Streambels for you. Excited? You should be – Streambels lets you stream any content from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to virtually any connected device in your home. It’s compatible with all time favorite gadgets including Amazon Fire TV and popular game consoles such as Xbox.

With Streambels you are no longer restricted to one technology ecosystem such as DLNA or AirPlay. Based on AllConnect SDK, it allows devices to connect and “talk” to each other regardless of the brand, operating system or a protocol.

The goal is, and must be, to make the end-user’s life easy. The consumer should be given the power to do incredible things with technology without having to learn all the complexity behind.

To counter this, Tuxera has developed, with the aim of bringing a large number of major brands under one umbrella, the AllConnect Software Development Kit (SDK), a platform allowing every device to talk together seamlessly, regardless of operating system, protocol or network topology.

- IFA International on AllConnect SDK

The latest features of the Streambels for iOS include:

  • All your media in one place: music, photos, movies, shows, iTunes playlists. You name it.
  • Support for all streaming technologies: AirPlay, Google Chromecast, DIAL, DLNA
  • Compatible with more than 5 billion devices out of the box
  • Simple & intuitive design

It’s available for download on the App Store. For more information check the redesigned Streambels website. Contact our team if you are interested in hearing more about the technology behind it.

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