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Tuxera Products

File Systems

 External Storage Internal Storage

 NTFS Embedded exFAT Embedded FAT Embedded HFS+ Embedded

 Flash File System

Streaming Technology

 AllConnect SDK AllConnect Receiver AllConnect App

Network Storage Technology

 Network Storage Accelerator Tuxera SMB

Use Case

Every second 3 devices shipping with Tuxera are released to the market

Leading device manufacturers, chipsets as well as software and system integrators chose to integrate Tuxera file systems, media streaming technology and digital storage solutions into their products.

Why choose Tuxera?

  • Maximize your hardware: the highest read and write speeds at a much lower CPU and energy use.
  • Ultimate reliability in the most demanding use cases
  • Rigorous testing, integration, tuning, and optimization for any platform
  • 24/7 technical support and first-hand access to the latest technology innovations