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Road to Internet of Everything

Our streaming solutions’ expert, Claudio Camacho talks about Internet of Everything and how AllConnect SDK and Streambels fit into all of this.

From IFA International:

The Internet of Things has arrived, but the internet of EVERYTHING is just around the corner

Today there are more objects and devices that are connected to the internet than ever before. In the near future, pretty much everything you can imagine, a fridge, a door, a window, will start providing useful information. Gartner has predicted that by 2020, there will be 26bn inter-connected devices.

[...] What IoE refers to and what are the main challenges

It refers to the interconnection of ALL objects that have connectivity. The main challenge will be how to provide a meaningful interconnectivity between these devices. For instance, what is the benefit for people when their fridge communicates with their toaster? It’s a case of trying to figure out how these interactions can become more meaningful and valuable to the end user.

What’s driving the market?

First and foremost, the cost of computing and networking has been decreasing over the past 10 years, and it’s expected to decrease even faster over the next five to ten years. The availability of wireless technology and internet access everywhere has laid a perfect base for everything to be connected and smart at virtually no cost. So there is a unique opportunity for electronics manufacturers to enter a completely new market of incalculable size and value – of homes, offices, everything.


So what can be done to solve this?

The goal is, and must be, to make the end-user’s life easy. The consumer should be given the power to do incredible things with technology without having to learn all the complexity behind. To counter this, Tuxera has developed, with the aim of bringing a large number of major brands under one umbrella, the AllConnect Software Development Kit (SDK), a platform allowing every device to talk together seamlessly, regardless of operating system, protocol or network topology.

Find the full interview on IFA International website.

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Streambels now Available on iPhone and iPad

Yesterday Apple released iPhone 6 and iWatch and today we have a fresh iOS version of Streambels for you. Excited? You should be – Streambels lets you stream any content from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to virtually any connected device in your home. It’s compatible with all time favorite gadgets including Amazon Fire TV and popular game consoles such as Xbox.

With Streambels you are no longer restricted to one technology ecosystem such as DLNA or AirPlay. Based on AllConnect SDK, it allows devices to connect and “talk” to each other regardless of the brand, operating system or a protocol.

The goal is, and must be, to make the end-user’s life easy. The consumer should be given the power to do incredible things with technology without having to learn all the complexity behind.

To counter this, Tuxera has developed, with the aim of bringing a large number of major brands under one umbrella, the AllConnect Software Development Kit (SDK), a platform allowing every device to talk together seamlessly, regardless of operating system, protocol or network topology.

- IFA International on AllConnect SDK

The latest features of the Streambels for iOS include:

  • All your media in one place: music, photos, movies, shows, iTunes playlists. You name it.
  • Support for all streaming technologies: AirPlay, Google Chromecast, DIAL, DLNA
  • Compatible with more than 5 billion devices out of the box
  • Simple & intuitive design

It’s available for download on the App Store. For more information check the redesigned Streambels website. Contact our team if you are interested in hearing more about the technology behind it.

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Smart Home @IFA 2014

It’s time for the IFA 2014 wrap-up. If we had to pick one key trend to summarize the show it would be smart home innovation. As the Internet of Things kicks in, we see a constant increase in the number of new smart appliances, wearables that are not concepts anymore, advanced in-car infotainment systems, Ultra HD smart TVs and other connected devices. Cisco predicts at least 50 billion connected devices on the market by 2020.

However, what the industry is lacking so far is a platform that will tie all those things together. Major brands create connected ecosystems where devices can communicate between each other but at the same time are incompatible with other brands or operating systems. As soon as the customer moves outside of the ecosystem, the interoperability is lost.

Connecting All Devices Together

This time our team was in Berlin not only to network and discuss the latest trends, but mainly to announce AllConnect SDK, a platform that allows all devices to connect and talk to each other irrespectively of operating system, hardware or a protocol used. A good example of an application running on top of the AllConnect technology is Streambels, our popular media streaming application. For example video and music streaming services such as Deezer or Spotify completely changed the way people consume music leading to a number of hardware vendors integrating them directly into their products. With AllConnect all the favorite channels are just a click away.

The idea behind is to let the users stream content stored anywhere: their phones and tablets, media servers, online channels and the cloud to any connected device be it smart TV, wireless speakers, set-top box such as Roku or Amazon Fire TV, car dashboard and others. No matter if it’s AirPlay, Chromecast, DIAL or DLNA or any other protocol it just works. AllConnect is also the easiest technology to embed in any third-party application or hardware. It’s fully software based, supports Android and iOS and does not depend on any additional hardware.

AllConnect is ready for evaluation, contact our team to learn more.

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What’s New in the Connected Car

Consumers love to be connected and want to have the full access to the apps and the Internet also while driving. The interactive screen found in the new auto models is now a major factor impacting purchasing decisions. According to a recent study from Parks Associates, 78% of connected car users will look for connected car features in their next vehicle. Some of the most desired functionalities include smart navigation, safety and diagnostics. Customers want better interfaces, seamless connectivity, added online channels and most of all, ease of use. Connected car becomes an extension of the digital social lifestyle enhancing the driver and passenger experience.

In-car infotainment systems have to be fully capable of handling a range of entertainment, navigation, telematics and other vehicle demands at a greater energy efficiency. Ernst & Young forecasts 88% of new car models to have integrated telematics by 2025. Complex, internet-enabled IVI systems require more computing power and a lot more memory. New solutions, specifically tailored for the automotive market, are needed to provide extended storage for an increasing number of applications, rich multimedia data and advanced software.

Flash-memory friendly and fail-safe by design, Tuxera solutions are a perfect fit extending significantly the flash memory lifetime and ensuring file system consistency in every situation.

- Desay SV Automotive and Tuxera PR

Tuxera file systems ensure the highest performance even in case of slow memory sticks or when the storage becomes full. Optimized for the internal flash memory, Tuxera solutions meet hardware performance limits without sacrificing interoperability and reliability.

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Streambels Gets Amazon Fire TV support

Every day thousands of users open Streambels app to stream what’s on their Android phone or tablet to a long list of smart devices including Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Freebox, LG, Samsung and Sony smart TVs, Denon, Bose and Philips speakers and many more. This week we are excited to add also a popular Amazon Fire TV to that list.

Amazon Fire TV is smart TV box that doubles as a gaming micro-console. Launched just this April in the US, it’s best known for its well-rounded entertainment offer and voice search feature which makes it really easy for the user to find any content. If you started watching a movie on your Kindle, thanks to Amazon WhisperSync Fire TV will pick it up as soon as you get home and automatically start playing it on the big screen. And vice versa.

Streambels offers support for all the latest streaming technologies ensuring that all your music, photos and videos can be played on any AirPlay, Chromecast, DIAL or DLNA device. DIAL, which stands for DIal-and-Launch, is a protocol co-developed by Netflix and YouTube that aims to bridge the gap between the first and the second screen. This way, sending online content to your TV won’t require more than one click.

New Streambels’ update (4.5) is out on the Google Play Store and includes several enhancements along with significant reduction in the battery consumption. If you have Streambels already on your phone or tablet, just search the new Amazon set-top box for “Streambels for Fire TV” and install it free of charge. Within seconds you can enjoy all your digital content directly on the Amazon Fire TV.

For more information on our media-streaming solution and upcoming features contact our team.

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Computex 2014: Trends Recap

Unlike CES, which takes place at the beginning of the year, what’s showcased at Computex goes to retail within the next few months. And this year’s Computex was definitely a very exciting event. “Shape the future” – the slogan summed up the show perfectly. It brought as many as 45 new product announcements and a ton of forward-looking ideas and innovations. Main trends on the exhibition floor revolved around smart technologies for the ultimate digital life. The companies explored IoT ecosystem concepts, cloud connectivity, touch application, wearables, 4K gaming and solutions for boosted communication capacity and home networks performance optimisation.

Our Tuxera team on the site demonstrated the importance of streaming technology in the connected home and explained that transfer of multimedia data can be easy, smooth and fast, no matter what files we are sending, where they are stored or what smart devices we are using. We also showed how Tuxera fail-safe file system solutions ensure full data integrity in every imaginable scenario, so no files get lost or corrupted in case of plug-off, power-off or a critical system crash.

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Exciting Spring Product Releases

This spring brought a number of exciting product launches. Just over a week ago, LG came out with G3, replacing last year’s G2 as the newest flagship phone. Not surprisingly, it immediately became known as the company’s best phone up to date. It’s already available in Korea, with the European release set for this June.

What’s new? With stunning 5.5-inch Quad HD (QHD) display, G3 is not only bigger but offers a much higher resolution. Refreshed Optimus UI boasts flat design, new icons and an overall streamlined feel. One of the interesting new features include Smart Notice, aimed to make your life easier. Once set up, it can for instance automatically turn on Wi-Fi when you arrive at home or at the office. Thanks to Tuxera solutions those looking to expand internal storage with more music, photos, videos or other files can easily boost the memory with a microSD card up to 128GB.

This year’s Computex show did not disappoint either. Among many others, Asus dazzled the audience with more than one product announcement. On top of refreshed MeMO Pad lineups, the company unveiled new Transformer Pad tablets both running on the latest 64-bit Intel Atom Z3745 quad-core processor. With high-end specs, Transformer Pads are ideal for high-quality video streaming, online gaming and handling large files. Sleek MeMO Pads are fast and powerful, best for smooth web surfing and downloading apps in a blink of an eye.

Tuxera file systems improve the overall usability, ensuring the best performance and compatibility together with a high product power efficiency.

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Seamless In-car User Experience

In-car connectivity technology is currently undergoing a transition to ensure that all passengers can enjoy a completely tailored user experience. The customers nowadays want to stay connected at all times and are looking for models that offer not only safer and less distracting environment but are also highly personalised and convenient. We can see a trend of mobile- and app-centric infotainment that makes it possible to integrate features such as favourite online services, audio streaming along with syncing and control over mobile devices. In line with the trends, the global telematics revenue is forecasted to hit $20 billion by 2018.

It’s not surprising that the users expect to be able to access and playback media content stored in various storage locations including SD memory cards, Wi-Fi drives, USB sticks and hard drives, not to mention the increasingly popular cloud storage. Tuxera file system solutions bring plug-and-play compatibility with brought-in storages, making sure that the passengers have access to navigation maps, music and all other data that is indispensable while travelling. On top of that, with Streambels – Tuxera media streaming technology, one can easily access, manage and stream music from their phone or tablet, be it iPhone, iPad or an Android smart device, preferred online channels and the cloud. No need to worry about any incompatibility issues.

Tuxera technology enabling interoperability with brought-in storages was a part of the Wind River demonstration on K1 platform at the recent member-only GENIVI meeting in Göteborg, Sweden. Linux-based Wind River Platform for Infotainment, recently enhanced for full GENIVI 5.0 compliance, is specially tuned for the In-Vehicle Infotainment System (IVI) market.

Additional updates to Platform for Infotainment include the following:

  • Integration with Tuxera file system solutions, ensuring fully interoperable data connectivity and plug-and-play interoperability with externally brought-in data storage, and fail-safe design protecting against lost user content during plug-off or a power drop.

- Wind River PR

Tuxera solutions are being deployed on the most popular automotive platforms including various Linux distributions, mentioned GENIVI reference platform, Windows CE and QNX among others. For more information contact our automotive team. We will be also present at the 14th annual Telematics Detroit event next week.

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