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Seamless In-car User Experience

In-car connectivity technology is currently undergoing a transition to ensure that all passengers can enjoy a completely tailored user experience. The customers nowadays want to stay connected at all times and are looking for models that offer not only safer and less distracting environment but are also highly personalised and convenient. We can see a trend of mobile- and app-centric infotainment that makes it possible to integrate features such as favourite online services, audio streaming along with syncing and control over mobile devices. In line with the trends, the global telematics revenue is forecasted to hit $20 billion by 2018.

It’s not surprising that the users expect to be able to access and playback media content stored in various storage locations including SD memory cards, Wi-Fi drives, USB sticks and hard drives, not to mention the increasingly popular cloud storage. Tuxera file system solutions bring plug-and-play compatibility with brought-in storages, making sure that the passengers have access to navigation maps, music and all other data that is indispensable while travelling. On top of that, with Streambels – Tuxera media streaming technology, one can easily access, manage and stream music from their phone or tablet, be it iPhone, iPad or an Android smart device, preferred online channels and the cloud. No need to worry about any incompatibility issues.

Tuxera technology enabling interoperability with brought-in storages was a part of the Wind River demonstration on K1 platform at the recent member-only GENIVI meeting in Göteborg, Sweden. Linux-based Wind River Platform for Infotainment, recently enhanced for full GENIVI 5.0 compliance, is specially tuned for the In-Vehicle Infotainment System (IVI) market.

Additional updates to Platform for Infotainment include the following:

  • Integration with Tuxera file system solutions, ensuring fully interoperable data connectivity and plug-and-play interoperability with externally brought-in data storage, and fail-safe design protecting against lost user content during plug-off or a power drop.

- Wind River PR

Tuxera solutions are being deployed on the most popular automotive platforms including various Linux distributions, mentioned GENIVI reference platform, Windows CE and QNX among others. For more information contact our automotive team. We will be also present at the 14th annual Telematics Detroit event next week.

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Smart Living Technology @Computex

As you might have noticed from our news board, we will be heading to Taiwan at the beginning of June for Asia’s largest ICT show, Computex. With over 130,000 visitors including 38,000 guests from abroad and 1,700 exhibitiors a year, it is a place to be for any high-end tech company. The exhibit is known as a world tech hub or more accurately as a platform for innovations and exciting new product launches. Its focus is shifting now towards smart living technology with the latest advancement in hardware, applications for added convenience and device interconnectivity.

Cross-device interoperability and ease of accessing and sharing content across devices is exactly what we do. At our Technology Showcase during the event, we offer you a unique sneak-peek into our file system and media streaming technologies.

It’s essential to maintain data integrity in all possible scenarios and with Tuxera solutions, fail-safe by design, no file will get lost or corrupted even in case of unexpected plug-off, power-off or a system crash.  Extensive testing methodology, crucial part of our rigorous quality assurance process, includes specifications for interoperability, functionality and performance testing. We are showcasing outstanding file system robustness, high performance and endurance.

Users nowadays want to be able to always access, manage and share all of their data stored in various locations. Streambels makes it happen, bringing easy and smooth streaming of content from phone or tablet, broad range of media servers, popular online channels and the cloud to virtually any smart receiver in a modern, connected home. Be it AirPlay, Chromecast or DLNA, it just works.

For more information about the event, Technology Showcase and Tuxera solutions drop us an email.

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Streambels’ Chromecast Support and More

Chromecast is a handy device that attached to a HDMI TV and paired with a phone, tablet or a PC gives user music and video streaming capabilities. Some of the exciting features include desktop screen mirroring and streaming from services such as Hulu and Netflix.

With Google Chromecast on board, Streambels is the first app to support all of the latest streaming technologies, while being fully compatible with the broadest array of AirPlay and DLNA home entertainment devices. No matter if it is AirPlay, Chromecast or DLNA, Streambels guarantees smooth and uninterrupted media streaming. It just works.

Recently, for the more interconnected environment, we added an option to stream files from media servers such as Plex, PS3 Media Server, Windows Media Server and many others. This way, we want to ensure that our users are able to stream any content stored on the phone, tablet, up in the cloud, from media servers and online channels to virtually any smart receiver at home. At the moment, one can enjoy smooth media streaming from online services including YouTube, Vimeo and TED with more coming very soon.

Our roadmap includes AllJoyn protocol and an iOS version in addition to Android platform. Release dates and announcements will follow soon.

Feel free to download the app to see and try it for yourself. For more detailed information on the application and our media streaming technology, drop us an e-mail.

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Flash Memory

Flash Memory is gaining momentum in the consumer electronics today, bringing a broad range of memory solutions with high density, low power consumption and endurance characteristics. Being non-volatile they retain the data, even when the power is switched off.

Increasing demand for smartphones and tablets is pushing supply for flash solutions that double device storage potential and can be easily integrated into space-constrained designs. Smarter, faster and more powerful mobile devices require in turn smarter, faster and more powerful memory, the key requirements being low power consumption and high performance. Similar progress can be seen in the automotive market where new generation memory solutions are needed to provide additional storage for rich multimedia data and advanced software and applications.

The applications for flash are becoming more diverse and that is where JEDEC comes in. The association gathers together suppliers and manufacturers to work on existing and new generation standards including eMMC, SSD and UFS that meet the varied technical and developmental needs of the ever-evolving industry. Recently released eMMC 5.0 offers enhancements for embedded mass-storage flash memory upping the maximum interface speed rates to 400MB/s.

Tuxera solutions for internal storage, fully optimised for different flash technologies, meet steep hardware performance limits with no sacrifice in fail-safe reliability and interoperability. Furthermore, fail-safe by design, Tuxera file systems ensure that no data will get lost or corrupted in case of unexpected plug-off, system crash or critical power drop. Significant improvements in performance and reliability help manufacturers achieve higher level of device responsiveness and usability with cost-effective software and hardware solutions. For more information and detailed use cases drop us an email.

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NTFS-3G Community Edition

Along with commercial development we continue to contribute towards open source community through Tuxera NTFS Community Edition. The package includes popular NTFS-3G driver and ntfsprogs projects, maintained and updated on regular bases. You can find more information about the software on Tuxera Community and in our previous blog posts.

In late February we published a new update: version 2014.2.15. It is now available for a download from our community dedicated pages.

The following summary lists some of the included improvements and major changes in the driver:

  • libntfs: added use of hd library to get the legacy BIOS geometry
  • libntfs: switched to /proc/mounts for checking existing mounts
  • libntfs: fixed usa checking by ntfsck on 4K sector disks
  • libntfs: fixed processing compressed data beyond file size (Windows 8 compliance)
  • libntfs: fixed expanding a resident attribute without inserting holes
  • libntfs: allow DACLs to not have any ACE
  • libntfs: ignore unmapped regions when checking whether sparse
  • libntfs: upgraded the Win32 interface for use with ntfsprogs
  • ntfsresize: enabled relocating the MFT when shrinking a volume
  • ntfsresize: fixed trying to update the MFT and Bitmap on a test run
  • ntfsresize: fixed updating all the MFT runs in a relocated MFT
  • ntfsresize: set the backup boot sector when the size is reliable
  • ntfsresize: reserved a single sector for the backup boot sector
  • ntfsundelete: output the modification time when scanning files
  • ntfsundelete: ported to Windows
  • ntfsclone: fixed wiping fragmented metadata when creating a metadata image
  • ntfsclone: allowed cloning a file system despite allocation errors
  • ntfsclone: fixed bad copying of the backup boot sector
  • ntfsclone: ported to Windows
  • ntfsdecrypt: made compatible with libgrypt-1.6

Thanks go to all the contributors!

For a high-performance, fail-safe commercial version with advanced features, see Tuxera NTFS for embedded systems and Mac OS X. Together with our other file systems solutions and related products it is widely deployed across industries.

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Connected Home: Broadband

Consumers are looking for personalised entertainment available anytime, anywhere, on any device. Increasing consumption of over-the-top (OTT), on-demand, HD video services such as Netflix, Hulu and others, widespread usage of cloud services and a sheer number of portable devices accessing the network at the same time, creates a vast surge in data demand. The overall video traffic is expected to reach 90% of the consumer Internet traffic by 2017, with level of mobile video traffic already above 50%. Multi-screen enablement (i.e. being able to watch Netflix on a tablet) together with emergence of digital contents such as 4K videos further increases the needs for higher broadband bandwidth and raises awareness of network traffic and connection quality.

To keep up with increasing bandwidth demands, telecom operators are expanding the current networks focusing on delivery of higher speeds. Some key broadband technologies needed for future connected home solutions include 5G level 802.11ac and high-speed vectored VDSL. Operators continue to upgrade to VDSL2, implementing both bonding and vectoring capabilities. VDSL offers much faster speeds compared to ADSL, providing full support for HDTV. In 2013, its port shipments outpaced those of ADSL, accounting for 52% of all the shipments.

802.11ac, the new standard from IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) approved just over a month ago, builds upon 802.11n bringing a dramatic leap in speed, capacity, reliability and overall quality of wireless communications. Quoting the latest study from ABI Research, 802.11ac is expected to represent 45% of all consumer Wi-Fi equipment shipments by the end of this year.

Tuxera storage solutions optimised for the Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection help take an advantage of expanded bandwidth and capacity by increasing substantially the observed speed and maximising the hardware and software use. For more detailed information please consult our storage products page or contact our sales team directly.

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Internet of Everything

Connected everything is predicted to be one of the top game changers at two exciting events this month: Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and Embedded World in Nürnberg. Following on today’s explosion of mobile connectivity, Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication evolves into Internet of things (IoT), which in turn is one of the latest technology trends that make up Internet of Everything (IoE). M2M (you might as well call it connected devices or embedded systems) traffic can increase 22 times over in the next 5 years impacting nearly every industry.

As you can see from our news section, we have joined recently formed AllSeen Alliance, an industry wide organisation aiming to fast track development of device-to-device communication. The collaboration expands on the mentioned above “Internet of Everything”, adding functionality that spans across various CE brands including automotive, connected home and enterprise. IoE goes beyond the IoT connecting people, processes, data and things to the internet in a way that creates new opportunities and efficiencies. AllJoyn™, AllSeen ready-to-go and interoperable by design framework, invites developers to create peer-to-peer and multiscreen experiences by enabling the apps to connect, control and share resources with other apps and devices via its software development network.

Looking at the forecasts from two global market intelligence companies: ABI Research and IDC one can say that the next years will be dedicated to the expansion of smart home and connected home devices. ABI in the Connected World of Tomorrow estimates the number of wireless connected devices and connected car units to reach 18.8 billion and 22.5 million respectively by 2015. Going even further, IDC predicts expansion to 212-billion connected devices by 2020 in a market worth more than $8.9 trillion.

Here at Tuxera, we support the shared vision of digital interoperability developing solutions that enable seamless data portability across platforms. One of our latest product portfolio additions, media streaming application, allows users to interact with different smart devices in the home network, streaming content stored locally and online in the cloud and services such as YouTube, Facebook and others. Feel free to consult Streambels Press Kit or drop us an email if you would like to receive more information. In case you are attending Mobile World Congress or Embedded World and want to have quick chat, contact our team to schedule a meeting.

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Love & Engineering

We are proud to note that one of our Q&A Engineers stared in a recently released documentary “Love and Engineering”, a combined German, Bulgarian and Finnish production directed by Tonislav Hristov.

Can one engineer love? Love & Engineering is a crossmedia story world (documentary film, mobile, social media) about getting re-introduced to real life by trying to find love.

You are in for a treat. A few of the scenes were shot in Tuxera old office in Lauttasaari (our HQs took over Nokia’s R&D center at Itämerenkatu) last fall and offer a unique sneak-peak into our work environment and people who make up our team. The movie premiere opened 13th DocPoint Helsinki, one of the largest documentary film festivals in the Nordics. This years’ happening in January gathered as many as 28,000 visitors during a total 4 days of screening. Love & Engineering is touring other festivals this year, so do not miss your chance to see it.

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