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Market-Leader in SDXC. Add Portable USB Storage.

Consumers expect their phones and tablets to support all available standards. The most popular mobile operating systems such as Android may include only free-of-charge, open source file systems, with no patent licenses. Manufacturers have to source technically complex, IP intensive components from third parties. Tuxera has taken the leadership in file system standards, and supplies its file system solutions for Android and a number of proprietary mobile platforms. Tuxera’s main offerings for phones and tablets are:

  • exFAT is needed for SD card reader interface, which is typically removable on both tablets and phones. exFAT is must have if users attach the latest 64 GB or higher capacity SDXC memory cards to view pictures, play or record MP3s and videos. The first micro SDXC cards have been released to the markets in 2011.

  • NTFS is needed for USB storage. Both phones and tablets include today by default USB. However, it is principally used for charging. With Tuxera software manufacturers can unleash the potential for universal portable storage over USB. NTFS is must have if users attach a Windows-formatted portable hard drives and want to play MP3s and videos from them.

  • FAT is needed for both USB portable hard drives and SD memory cards up to 32 GB. It is the old standard but still widely used. If manufacturers license Microsoft’s FAT patents, they cannot use open source GPLed FAT.

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