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Set-top Boxes & Home Media

Portable Full-HD Recording over USB, SATA, SD. Delivered.

Most set-top boxes, TVs, DVD and Blu-ray players have media player functionality for showing pictures, playing music and videos from portable USB storages. More and more devices are also released with the option to record video over USB or SD card interface to an internal or external storage. Tuxera has partnered with the leading chipset manufacturers to offer the industry’s most widely deployed and trusted NTFS, exFAT and HFS+ solutions for portable media player and personal video recorder (PVR) functionality.

With Tuxera’s market-leading solutions inside, consumers can record and playback multiple HD channels simultaneously, with no limits in recording size or length. The storages can be attached to other devices, including PCs and Mac computers, for playback and storage.

This is what Fortis says:

We chose Tuxera NTFS for its best-in-class performance numbers in the markets and well-known reliability record. At Fortis, we strive to make always the best products with the latest technology and address consumers’ requests and new use cases as they come. Adding Tuxera NTFS into our HD PVRs has greatly upgraded Fortis HD PVR functionality and our products’ appeal to the customers.

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