Tuxera exFAT for embedded systems builds on the solid foundation of Tuxera’s highly portable file system technology that is actively used by millions of consumer electronics devices for transparent data exchange. Tuxera exFAT is needed to bring SDXC compatibility to any device. It is especially suited for mobile and tablet devices with limited battery capacity, memory requirements and computing power.

  • Supported Operating Systems: Android, Linux, Chrome OS, Firefox OS, Tizen, QNX, Nucleus, Windows CE Embedded, VxWorks and many other proprietary RTOS deployments. Please ask for a complete list of available platforms.
  • Hardware Platforms: ARM, MIPS, x86, PowerPC, SH and more.
  • Full Interoperability: Support for all Microsoft exFAT versions and SD Association specifications, including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and storage media types like USB, Flash, SDXC/MMC, HDD to enable smooth data portability.
  • Unmatched Scalability: No practical limit in number of files, folders, file sizes, and partition sizes.
  • High-Performance: Active caching, advanced algorithms and data structures ensure maximum IO throughput for both small and large files, and high IOPS for file operations.
  • Solid Reliability: Rigorous quality assurance, wide deployment and fault-tolerant design guarantee Outstanding file system robustness.
  • Integration and Architecture: Tuxera exFAT is highly portable and it can be easily integrated into any system, for example into Linux by Tuxera file system experts. Architecturally, Tuxera exFAT fits into Linux — depending on customer preference and technical evaluation — either as a user space or kernel module. The end result is that Tuxera exFAT achieves superb read-write performance as shown in the diagrams below:

Tuxera exFAT Linux kernel solution

Tuxera exFAT Linux user space solution

For complete product specifications and more information please contact sales with filing in a form or sending email to sales@tuxera.com.