Tuxera offers full range of NTFS, exFAT, FAT32, HFS+, XFS and other file system consulting services besides its related or relevant products. Consultation and service packages are available for those who are starting a new project, those who need to optimize an existing installation, and those who migrate from another file system to Tuxera’s file system solutions.

Tuxera’s engineers have over a decade experience in demanding kernel development in Android, Linux, Mac OS X, QNX, Nucleus, Windows Embedded and other systems. Many of the developers are also well known open source developers who have earned their ranks being the most contributive and effective in open competitive projects. Often, we are able to help the customer in other components of the overall system as well to gain further performance and reliability improvements.

Save in your R&D and hire our experts to work on your file system now. Please contact us to get more information.