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Release: Tuxera NTFS for Mac RC

  • September 30, 2009 /
  • by Mikko Välimäki

Mac OS X comes with an NTFS driver but it does not support writing to NTFS volumes out-of-the box. The fix is here. We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Tuxera NTFS for Mac Trial. You can download it here. Please note that this is a release candidate version and the final one will be available before the 15-day trial period is over.

After installation, Tuxera NTFS becomes visible in your System Preferences.

There are many options you can play with. See the manual for explanations.

This is a release candidate version and a major upgrade from our previous open source NTFS-3G for Mac. Performance has been significantly improved along with other enhancements. We are pretty sure this is the fastest read/write NTFS driver you can have for Mac. We have successfully tested it on Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard. Please send us any issues you find and we will fix them before the final release is out and available for purchase.

Mikko Välimäki
Mikko is Tuxera's CEO. He leads Tuxera’s day-to-day operations and helps to drive Tuxera’s overall strategy. Under his leadership Tuxera expanded globally and entered a path of financial strength and fast growth; he's played an instrumental role in establishing company’s most important partnerships and negotiating key licensing deals.
Mikko joined Tuxera as an experienced entrepreneur, having launched several software companies in the past. He also taught technology law and business at universities in Europe and the US and published books on software licensing, copyright, patents and related topics.
Nuno Liça Pinto
  • Oct 11 2009
Hi! I've been delaying the installation of NTFS support in Snow Leopard for sometime, although I used Paragorn in Leopard. I couldn't wait anymore, so I tried NTFS-3G.. high cpu consumption :( Then I tried Tuxera, and I can only say it rocks. I've tried an intensive overnight 4 BluRay x264 HD Movie .torrents from high-speed private trackers downloads with no problems and low CPU utilization. I guess you wouldn't find no one to give your 3 free accounts, because I didn't find any bug with intensive use on a MacBook Air and an External Lacie Little Disk over USB. If that happens, give me one :) I've twitted to the world! Tuxera rocks :D Keep the good work! Nuno, from Portugal
Nuno Liça Pinto
  • Oct 12 2009
Although, there's some *some* CPU consumption if I have the Finder opened, in the List View, with "Calculate All Sizes" checked in View Options. Is it a bug, or something inherent to the USB interface? Couldn't test it with a SATA internal drive.
Khürt L Williams
  • Oct 15 2009
So .. how do I know that ""performance has been significantly improved" and that I want the "enhancements."? Could you provide benchmarks and a comparison sheet of what benefits Tuxera NTFS has over the free NTFS-3G. Until you do I'll keep using the free version.
Erik Larsson
  • Oct 16 2009
Nuno Liça Pinto: Hi, You cannot expect 0% CPU consumption. With kernel drivers this is hidden inside the big kernel_task process, but of course any file system driver will have to do some CPU work when traversing directory hierarchies, as is the case when you check the 'Calculate all sizes' option. Thanks for the feedback.
Erik Larsson
  • Oct 16 2009
Khürt L Williams: Hi, You can of course try it out for free to determine if it fits your needs. The trial period is 15 days, and during this period it will work with all features enabled. But you're right of course, we should have some marketing material with benchmarks where we compare this product to other 'competing' solutions. It's on my todo list.
  • May 7 2010
I usually get errors when I install APPs. Mac says /Library/Filesystems/fusefs.fs/......... permissions error. Will it work anyway?
Erik Larsson
  • May 29 2010
Hi, Have you repaired permissions with Disk Utility recently? That might fix things for you. See: - Erik

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