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We are an active member of several key associations, helping guide industry direction and shape new standards. Our active participation in these associations also ensures Tuxera’s solutions take advantage of the all latest technology innovations.

Discovery and Launch (DIAL), promoted by Netflix and Google, maintains the wireless protocol that connects second-screen devices (like smartphones) to first-screen devices (such as smart TVs).

JEDEC develops existing and new generation flash memory standards including eMMC, SSD, and UFS. JEDEC’s efforts shorten time to market and reduce product development costs.

OCF drives connectivity between devices and the cloud, plus manages the flow of information between devices, regardless of their form factors, operating systems, service providers, or transports.

The GENIVI Alliance steers adoption of an in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) open-source development platform.

Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) is a collaborative open-source project that brings together automakers, suppliers, and technology companies to build a Linux-based, open software platform for automotive applications.

The SD Association sets interoperable SD standards, supporting the development of consumer electronics and networking products that use SD storage technology.

The Linux Foundation fosters the growth of Linux. Founded in 2007, the organization promotes, protects, and advances the Linux operating system.

The Universal Flash Storage Association promotes widespread adoption of UFS (Universal Flash Storage), a high-speed flash storage specification for consumer electronic devices and connected cars.

PCI-SIG is the community responsible for developing and maintaining standards for I/O data transfers using peripheral components.


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