People don’t come to our office just for work, they come to have a little fun too! From game breaks, to internal jokes, and a sense of community – Tuxerians enjoy spending time with each other.  Here are the top 10 things we do around the office to have fun:

1. Get competitive with Super Bomberman 3

It’s more than easy to have a short round of Super Bomberman 3 here at Tuxera HQ. Just drop a line in our dedicated Bomberman chat group to find opponents, then – bombs away! The enthusiastic shouts and laughter coming from our Game Room show how devoted everyone is to this fierce battle.

2. Work up a sweat with some ping pong

Tuxerians take ping pong very seriously. There’s a dedicated room with two ping pong tables available 24/7 right in the office. Plus, we have our own challenger bracket and annual championships!

3. Doodle a dragon in Creative Timeout

Good ideas pop up when you’re most relaxed. Every week we offer a half-hour creative break, which gives us the chance to walk away from our desks and discover the world like a child again. #Lego #Puzzle #Doodle

4. Pitch awesome product ideas

Have a great idea for an app or a new product? Just pitch it! We embrace proactiveness and make sure that everyone’s ideas matter. In fact, we have a whole division devoted to implementing employee ideas.

5. Try foods from all over the world

There’s always something exciting and exotic on Tuxera’s kitchen table – Japanese fish jerky, Vietnamese ginger gum, Swedish Kex, American pickled sausages, and much more. The stories behind the snacks are even better eye openers.

6. Have a chat with diverse international colleagues

With 70 people of 17 nationalities, Tuxera’s lunch tables are always full of creative ideas. The topics of conversations go from what we’re eating to inspiration of the heart.

7. Drop a few witty lines in chat rooms with even wittier replies

What can a group of nerds work out together? A good product and a bunch of good jokes! Tuxera chat rooms are always lively with a high volume of laughing power, custom memes, and a unique atmosphere.

8. Start a side project and get peer support

10% of our working time can be dedicated to a side project. It’s an opportunity to get talented co-workers on board to work on something other than customer projects. Also, it’s not uncommon to find that good ideas and projects become part of an official product offering in the end.

9. Join after-work events to celebrate another day of great work

Many Tuxerians are also friends outside of work. They like to spend time with each other and never run out of ideas where to go. It’s a cure for Tuxerians that feel sad to say goodbye to the office when Friday evening arrives.

10. Embrace the Make It Work environment

Tuxera’s culture makes work enjoyable. We embrace diversity in working styles and give freedom to our employees. Our operations are built on trust and support, and give each of us the opportunity to grow and develop the way we choose.

Interested in joining our company? Check out our open positions and apply now! #MakeItWork