We’ve had a few days to explore IFA Berlin, which if you didn’t know is the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show. As in previous years, all the big consumer electronics brands are present, like Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Philips, and myriads of others.

But what’s most evident this year is the boom of Chinese consumer electronics manufacturers. According to IFA International, the official show daily, the scale of Chinese exhibitors reached a record high at 15,000 m2 of display area! Cue TCL, which stands for “The Creative Life,” a company headquartered Huizhou, China. TCL turned heads at this year’s IFA by taking the 2016 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award for their Xclusive X1 Series TV.

They drew our curiosity as well. When we arrived at their booth, we were wowed by what we saw – but also by what we heard. The Xclusive X1 has an amazing JBL by Harman soundbar built in, which pumps out gorgeous, fully immersive audio. Read on for an exclusive interview between Tuxera’s Head of Marketing, Claudio Camacho, and TCL’s Marketing Manager, Christine Seyfarth.

Tuxera's Claudio at TCL booth at IFA 16

Claudio: Let’s start off with that amazing soundbar – tell us a bit about that.

Christine: Firstly, this soundbar is built in exclusively to our TV. It has six 3-way boxes with a total of 50 Watts of power. That power can fill a whole room measuring several square meters, and it’s very high-quality sound.

Claudio: What sort of audio technology does it support – Dolby Stereo/Surround Sound, 3D audio?

Christine: It supports Dolby Surround, and due to the curvature of the TV screen, it helps produce a better surround experience. We’re especially proud to have the JBL by Harman boxes inside because they stand for quality audio. This gives our customers the chance to experience the prefect fusion of high-quality picture and great sound.

Claudio: In which markets can we find the TV? How much will it cost?

Christine: We’ll launch this Xclusive X1 TV series in Europe at the end of the year. It’s already available in the US, China, and in other Asian markets as well. I can only say the European price, which will be around €3,990.

Claudio: €3,990 sounds like a premium product. Who are you targeting for this product?

Christine: It is a premium product. We designed it for young families that want to have the total entertainment experience in one product. Besides the great sound and the high-quality HDR picture you get Quantum Dot technology, Android TV, games, video-on-demand, and voice search. The combination of all of this – the good sound, the good picture, the Android TV, the smart features – gives you a full entertainment bundle for the entire family.

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