This summer we are launching our very first Tuxera App: Streambels. It delivers a new way of streaming music, photos, videos and movies from your Android phone to Apple TV, Airport Express and thanks to DLNA support also to LG TV, Samsung smartTV and Xiaomi. It’s the first this type of app to beam music in a compatible way for any Airplay device, which enables for streaming to all Airplay enabled devices such as Sony, Philips, Denon and Pure Contour.

The idea is to bring a smooth and easy media streaming, without any hiccups or compatibility problems. Nobody likes when the application acts up for no reason or becomes too complicated to use. Here our hands-on experience in handling interoperability hurdles came in quite handy.
Since being generic is outdated, Streambels is made customizable; using the skins you can change how the app looks everyday.  Its simple and user–friendly interface features an intuitive music player, video browser and own photo gallery. Have a look at our landing page to see the full concept.

At the moment you can stream all the content also via YouTube, for those who have not done it before we included a short tutorial. We are working on further support of online channels including popular platforms such as Spotify, Instagram, Tumblr and Flickr.

We are rolling out with a beta version this week and we would love to hear your comments and suggestions. Sign up here and we will get back to you with instructions on how to become a Streambels tester.

Visit our Streambels blog to check the latest updates and read up on the current status of the app.