Nokia and Intel announced yesterday the merge of Maemo and Moblin called MeeGo. At face value, the news were not so surprising as Android is taking market share very quickly at the moment. In between the lines, the news strongly indicate that Linux will sooner than later become the dominant platform for cool phones. Nokia’s Ari Jaaksi says:

Make you stuff work under, inside, or on top of MeeGo and you get your stuff deployed all over the place. Nokia will ship tons of MeeGo devices, Intel, too

This is good news for companies like Tuxera. We are ready to support data portability on any Linux-based mobile device, be it running Android or MeeGo. For example shooting 1080p video into the device’s flash card requires in practice a file system change from FAT32 to exFAT. Tuxera exFAT works inside Android and MeeGo to manage that change.