This week we are hosting an Android Study Jam at our Helsinki office with in-person guidance and tutoring offered by the members of GDG Helsinki. We will be working with the study group participating in the Udacity Android Fundamentals course, an introductory online course to Android with guidelines supplied by Google Android Engineers. The course lasts 8 weeks, during which the participants learn all the necessary skills to build awesome Andorid apps for smartphones and tablets and get ready for the mobile environment of the future. For the best results, the study sessions are scheduled on weekly basis.

From students to professional Android developers, there is always something new to learn during the workshop. Previous Java knowledge is highly recommended but experience in any other programming language should be enough.

Mobile devices are the platform that will bring the next five billion people online (Google, 2014). We at Tuxera are very glad to be given the opportunity to support developers in building applications that will affect the lives of millions of users. Warm welcome to everyone who will participate in the study jam this Tuesday!

The event is already full but stay in touch for updates and do not forget to sign up for any of the upcoming events.