We already knew for some time exFAT is coming to OS X. The first Macs to support SDXC came out in June and included specifically built exFAT in their OS X. With the 10.6.5 update a week ago Apple finally extended read/write exFAT support to all Macs running Snow Leopard.


You can format external drives now exFAT under OS X. You may also notice Tuxera exFAT option — we have had our own implementation running on OS X for testing purposes some time already…

This is of course great news for Tuxera as the industry’s first and foremost exFAT provider. Default platform support from Microsoft and now also from Apple is going to further accelerate exFAT adoption. Tuxera has already worked hard to extend exFAT platform support beyond Tuxera exFAT for Android and Linux where we started from (see also our joint exFAT for Linux white paper with Microsoft). We recently published news how QNX chose Tuxera to implement exFAT on their operating system, which has been now delivered to the first customers. Latest to follow suit with Tuxera exFAT is Mentor Graphics on Nucleus and Android.