At this year’s IFA, we had the chance to speak with TP-Link about the world’s fastest router – the Talon AD7200. Now, you may be thinking, with so much technology to choose from at IFA, why should anyone care about a router?

This router drew our attention as it’s the first with 802.11ad Wi-Fi, also known as “WiGig.” WiGig technology offers extremely high throughput, meaning it’s blazing fast! With the Talon AD7200, you can stream and transfer files at unprecedented speeds of 7 Gbps! According to TP-Link, the router transfers an entire feature-length 4K movie (100 GB) in less than eight minutes, or 100 photos (a total of 150 MB) in less than a second!

The Talon AD7200 reaches these amazing speeds on a new, interference-free 60 GHz band. The drawback with this high-frequency band, however, is that it has a short range. In most homes, the majority of entertainment devices (your TV, set-top boxes, stereo system, and gaming consoles), are in one room, so this is hardly a reason to pass on such amazing speeds. Plus, the Talon AD7200 uses multi-band Wi-Fi technology. When you move out of the WiGig range, your devices are automatically switched to the router’s other high-speed Wi-Fi bands.

If you’re still not sure this is the right router for you, here are some other specs we found impressive:

  • 512 MB RAM ensures good routing and USB performance
  • 2 USB 3.0 ports for printers or external storage drives
  • Beamforming on all bands for better reception through thick walls
  • Multi-user multiple-input, multiple-output (MU-MIMO) technology connecting several devices without too much interference

If you create and consume a lot of 4K video content, this router is definitely the one you want in your home. It’s also great for online gamers and tech-savvy consumers who want the top performance from their Wi-Fi.

That’s our take on the Talon AD7200 router from TP-Link! A big thanks to the TP-Link crew for their gracious hospitality and for answering all our questions at IFA. We’ll be watching for more exciting networking products from them at future events!

Tuxera meets TP-Link at IFA 2016

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