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Release: NTFS-3G + NTFSPROGS 2012.1.15

  • January 22, 2012 /
  • by Szabolcs Szakacsits
Greetings, We are happy to announce the next stable release of NTFS-3G and ntfsprogs. The source code is available at git clone git:// The package contains the following improvements, changes and fixes: ntfs-3g: fixed device path canonicalization for use by devmapper ntfs-3g: fixed setting DOS names when defined with lower-case chars ntfs-3g: fixed attribute flags
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SDA General Assembly, Apr 15-16, 2011, Budapest, Hungary

  • April 11, 2011 /
  • by Szabolcs Szakacsits
Tuxera is participating at SD Association’s General Assembly, hosted at the “Heart of Europe”. Due to the high quality multimedia boom, the number of the exFAT formatted SDXC capable consumer electronics is rapidly increasing. Tuxera is one of the leaders on the field with the Tuxera exFAT solution on Android, MeeGo, Linux, QNX, and other
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Release: NTFS-3G + NTFSPROGS 2011.4.12

  • April 10, 2011 /
  • by Szabolcs Szakacsits
Greetings, We are happy to announce the stable, merged release of ntfsprogs and NTFS-3G. The merged codebase will help to avoid duplicated maintenance of the large, complex NTFS codebase, so development can focus on enhanced unctionality, reliability, and interoperability in the future. Several alternatives have been considered how to organize the code (library, tools, driver).
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