Each year, we like to throw a summer party for everyone at Tuxera. Sometimes it’s a table tennis tournament or a trip to Nuuksio (the national park in southern Finland), but in every case it’s a chance for Tuxerians to connect on a personal level and have a blast.

Our company kicked off this year’s summer party early on a bright Thursday morning. We took a charter boat from Helsinki harbor towards the city of Porvoo, giving us a good three-hour boat trip just to hang out with our colleagues and enjoy the coastal sights.

Once off the boat we headed straight to lunch, since there’s no party without food. We had the good fortune of getting our new CEO Tuukka to join us, and everybody had a chance to chat with him while enjoying food, drinks, and the good weather. Afterwards we had time to wander around the city, experiencing the sights and sounds of Porvoo’s Old Town, before heading back to Helsinki on a charter bus.

This party proved to be a particularly good opportunity to catch up with our summer employees on how they’ve felt about their time at Tuxera.

“Before applying to Tuxera I had been following their story for some time, so when I heard I was recruited there as a summer trainee I was very excited to start,” says Aki Utoslahti. “During the summer, I was surrounded by brilliant minds and a great work culture, and at the same time felt very welcome. My summer trainee experience has been fruitful as it taught me much about working in software development, and in the end, also resulted in a permanent contract. I’m fortunate to continue my exciting journey at Tuxera while pursuing MSc in Computer Science.”

Our summer party this year was a fun little excursion, and an example of how Tuxerians like to have fun. So why not join us and experience the next Tuxera party?



Aino Tuominen

Aino is our Events and Community Manager at Tuxera