According to recent study from Strategy Analytics, by 2020 an average user will own more than 4 connected devices, up from 7 devices per household today. Increasing number of connected devices, not to mention the growing popularity of HD and Ultra HD video streaming, puts a significant strain on the home network. At today’s home several devices are in constant use: smartphones, tablets, smartTVs, game consoles and laptops. People want to control their home automation systems and quickly download favorite series from Netflix and music playlists from Spotify or Deezer. Most of these activities happen all at the same time.

Routers and media gateways at the hub of the connected home must provide fast Internet connecting everything and everyone at home making sure that all the users can get online and do more at the same time. This multi-user and and multi-screen environment needs much increased speeds and a higher network capacity to satisfy growing customer expectations.

Released this September RT-AC87U, a dual-band wireless router from ASUS, ranks as one of the fastest routers available on the market supporting 802.11ac, the latest wireless IEEE networking standard. Users choose it for the ease of use, high-performance and advanced features. Why else? With Tuxera optimization for network storages everyone can access and transfer large number of files quickly and efficiently. Fast loading any UHD video is another plus. Thanks to low CPU consumption, there is also more room for other applications to run smoothly. You can find Tuxera solutions powering all the latest wireless router models from ASUS as well as its popular Transformer tablets, PadFone and FonePad phones. Interested in hearing more about our solutions for home networking? Drop us an ">email.