Tuxera Media ServerMeet our home networking team at the Broadband World Forum in London and let’s talk about Tuxera software for your home ecosystem. It is one of the largest telecoms, media & technology events in the world. Attendees include fixed, mobile and cable operators, OTTs and other market disruptors. People are looking to control content across all the devices and there is an ongoing switch in content consumption to on-demand videos and movies and streaming.

With multiple devices and appliances connecting to internet at the same time, multiple apps running in the background and multiple users wanting to download or share files there is a significant strain on the home network. We need robust and fast solutions to enable them happily coexist on the same home broadband network without any slowdowns. Tuxera delivers high speeds at a low CPU, making sure that there is enough room for all the applications to run at the same time with no lag.

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