The annual CES kicked off yesterday as always with new products and exciting technology announcements. One of the trends on the floor this year is immersive video, an Ultra High-Definition offered not only by the TV manufacturers but brought to your smartphone. With 8.3 megapixels total, it is four times the resolution of today’s popular 1080p HDTV displays. The latest nubia Z5S series, presented by Chinese corporation ZTE during this week’s trade show, is the first one in the industry to showcase an Ultra HD video capture and viewing on a big-screen.

ZTE revealed a wide range of mobile hardware, this time including a series of new smartphones, a “high precision voice phone” Grand S2 and its first smart watch dubbed as BlueWatch. Mentioned above nubia 5S totes a “professional-grade photography hardware” which consists of, just to start with, Optical Image Stabilisation, 13-megapixel Sony RS sensor for low-light settings and a several photo editing features. It is capable of recording a 4K video that can be later played back on one of the latest increasingly popular 4K TVs and allows the users to watch theatre-quality movies, sport events and presentations. Thanks to Tuxera file system solutions running inside, the device performs at the highest level even under the most demanding image handling operations.

Smartphone buyers in China and elsewhere are looking for the latest innovations and optional customization. With the all-new nubia Z5S smartphone Nubia delivers smooth end-user driven user experience pushing the technical boundaries. Based on our rigorous evaluation only Tuxera file systems meet Nubia’s criteria based on top performance, rock solid reliability and fastest time to market. […]