autonomous carsLast week a record 170,000 attendees gathered in Las Vegas to scout the technology that will impact the world in 2015 and beyond. The show can be summarized in a few words: ultra-high resolution, connected everything and autonomous cars. Futuristic cars definitely stole the show this year. Mercedes-Benz presented a driverless car, where the passengers sit facing each other and anyone can control the car through gestures. There was also a place for aftertmarket products: to better visualize how everything works parts company, TRW created a completely transparent car to showcase its aftermarket and safety components.

While autonomous cars are the future, more pressing topic nowadays is being able to push applications and content to the dashboard and interacting with the car in a safe and seamless way. An integrated, intuitive system will help the driver to access all the information without getting distracted. The automakers are experimenting with multitouch and gesture recognition allowing for a quick response in terms of information and control, while providing a complete experience from features and functions to a personalized design.

90% of the people want to stay connected all the time and bring more and more consumer electronics to the car. Embedded connections are getting more important with ultra high bandwidth for better performance. Customers can also nowadays add the car to the data plan. The passengers can easily sync with their brought-in devices, accessing data on their SD cards and hard drives, or streaming it directly from the smartphone or tablet. Tuxera’s AllConnect SDK lets the users seamlessly interact with all the connected devices in the car, including the head unit. It makes it easy to access the content from the car and the cloud and play it on the car dashboard and all the devices. We recently launched an AllConnect Receiver, which turns any device into a full fledged wireless multimedia player. Using Tuxera Accelerated Protocol and DIAL standard, it enables the users to share high-quality music, ultra-high definition photos and 4K videos.

aftermarket productsWith the new functionalities and services emerging, car’s software is an ongoing process with WiFi updates over the air and the update happening in the background while system is working. Intensive use of the apps that download and write data around the clock leads to wear out the physical flash memory dramatically reducing the lifetime of the device. Together with hardware manufacturers we have developed Tuxera Flash File System to solve these problems.  The file system’s design improves the overall responsiveness of the device ensuring fast boot and mount times, prevents file system fragmentation on-the-fly and guarantees data and device integrity during storage removal and unexpected power-off.

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