Finland is called a startup hub for a reason. A good mix of funding, startup associations, networking events and know how create excellent conditions both for new and young but established ventures. Success stories from the creator of famous Angry Birds – Rovio, Supercell and others further encourage entrepreneurship. Since there are hundreds of young companies, new rankings pop up to help us decide which one is doing the best.

Helsinki based startup agency San Francisco Oy together with designer studio and recruitment software startup Skyhood created Startup 100, a monthly chart that measures and ranks Finnish startups by online visibility. Evaluation is made according to the inbound link value, social media activity and the level of interaction with followers. This way it is easier to see which startup is currently on the top of “the most trendy” list.

Startup 100 was launched in a closed beta test in November 2012 and only now it´s open to public. Usually the typical measurement for these types of rankings is high growth or sales turnover and so it is very interesting to look at companies´ performance from this angle. Often people forget that the right communication and visibility are crucial for the company image.

Looks like the ranking is designed quite well to capture the online presence. It is exciting to see how our communication strategy plays out. This month, Tuxera climbed to the top of the list. We ranked 4th, right after Rovio, DealDash and Web of Trust, 16 places higher than the last time. Following on that, you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and on a variety of technology websites.

Startup 100 or should I say the list of the most visible startups on the web, is already gaining media attention. The Wall Street Journal describes it as “an interesting snapshot of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the small country”. Also, just published a detailed its feature including insights from the co-founder Juhani Polkko. It will be interesting to see how it will pan out.