On Thursday and Friday we had the biggest internal event of the year: the Company Day. It is an event that all our consultants and employees living abroad come to and where we discuss all aspects of the business and company.

The event started on Thursday with some workshops and meetings. In the evening, for a lighter touch, we went to play paintball. Friday was the main day with updates and reviews of the year from nine in the morning until half past two in the afternoon. To make the day easier we had lunch catered to the office from Fafa’s: pita, falafel, chicken couscous… With a hearty meal we were ready to continue with the rest of the more formal part of the day. The informal festivities started with cake from Juustokakkutehdas and some proper company day activities such as wine tasting and a bartender school. And of course the most exciting part – the ping pong tournament.


After the new tournament title holder was awarded his statue, we headed for a dinner at Presto. Some ended the evening there, some decided to continue. It is not often to have everyone in the same place. Even though the day(s) are hard and we hold many meetings, it is always a very much expected event. And now we have wait another year for the next one…