Connected TVs, which include both smart TVs and traditional TVs using streaming devices to access the Web, are becoming increasingly popular. Each set comes with a variety of available apps offering unique features and content. Consumers go on and upgrade to the latest big thing looking for enhanced online connectivity and smart features, in particular gesture control and facial recognition.

BI Intelligence estimates the number of connected TVs to more than double 307.4 million at year-end 2013, ultimately reaching 759 million sets worldwide by 2018. As of now, set-top boxes account for more than 53% of the connected TV landscape. Devices integrating DVR functionality with broadcast, cable and IP-networks provide seamless consumer experience in time-shifting, discovery, navigation and on-demand access to content. Adoption of Ultra HD video streaming is another of upcoming trends. The biggest streaming platforms such as Netflix, YouTube and Amazon are rolling out with Ultra High Definition content streams that will be soon available for the owners of the newest UHD sets.

HD PVR (personal video recorder) functionality in Fortis set-top box models makes catching up on favourite shows convenient and easy, with option for simultaneous three channel recording and two channel playback. Thanks to Tuxera file systems running inside, the users can enjoy full compatibility with Windows-formatted USB sticks and hard drives. On top of that, Tuxera solutions guarantee that none of their recordings will get lost even in case of unexpected system crash, power-off or plug-off.