Following the September’s launch on iTunes, Streambels is now out on Amazon App Store. It’s just a click away if you are looking for a way to stream content from your Kindle, Fire HD and HDX, Fire phone and any other phone or tablet to Amazon Fire TV and all other devices at home including wireless speakers, smart TVs, game consoles and many more. With support for both iOS and Android, including all the Amazon Android-based devices, you don’t have worry about any compatibility issues. Streambels is also the only application available on iPhone and iPad that works seamlessly with the Fire TV. In the upcoming months expect to hear more about added features and redesigned UI. Both this and iOS version of Streambels are completely free of charge. Own a Kindle or a Fire phone? Download the app and see how easy media streaming can be.


Streambels and AllConnect

Based on Tuxera’s AllConnect SDK Streambels lets you enjoy your content on any device without having to configure the hardware or learn all the complexities behind the technology. With your content stored in the cloud, various video, photo & music services and shared all over the social media, it’s challenging to gather it in one place so it will be always accessed for editing, playback and streaming. AllConnect manages all that while removing all the limitations related to brand-own ecosystem, protocol and operating system. Using Streambels you can see how devices running different operating systems and supporting incompatible protocols can connect, communicate and share data without hitting unnecessary hurdles.