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Embedded Linux Conference, Oct 15-16, 2009, Grenoble, France

  • August 16, 2009 /
  • by Mikko Välimäki

We are giving a presentation on the past, present and future of NTFS on Linux at Embedded Linux Conference Europe, which is to be held October 15-16 in Grenoble, France. Come to hear the latest from the world leading NTFS gurus!

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Mikko Välimäki
Every business veteran has their success story. Mikko’s is Tuxera, which he’s been building together with Szabolcs Szakacsits since 2008. Mikko is not just Tuxera’s CEO – he's also founded several startups over the span of his career. He enjoys sharing his experiences through coaching, guest lectures, and keynotes covering topics from building and selling products, to creating teams and long-lasting business partnerships.