I did not invent the term ”people operations” – in fact, tech trailblazers like Google have been using it for years. Gradually, the term has become mainstream – a change that is warmly welcome. Similar to other business functions, human resources must evolve to meet the needs of the rapidly changing world.

Though it’s not my invention, I’ve been a strong advocate of the people operations mindset. Moving away from the traditional HR role, which focuses very much on generating of internal policies, guidelines and processes, I like to view people operations function as a business enabler, focusing on building employee engagement and supporting the business to excel in front of a customer. With this new mindset HR becomes much more of a crucial part of the business helping to propel the company forward, just like a stellar R&D department, or an effective sales team.

All this becomes increasingly important in professional organizations, where your business performance is vastly determined by the quality and engagement of your workforce. The key things to consider are how you hire amazing people, how you keep them engaged through trust and freedom and how you manage and forgive failure in order to build a learning culture.  The people operations approach to human resources also means a shift away from subjective decision-making based on guesses or hunches and embraces people analytics where decisions are based on data and metrics.

In Tuxera, many of the things associated with the people operations mindset already exist. It is a workplace that promotes transparency of information and decision making, where employees are trusted to make decisions as well as empowered to shape their own careers. The company encourages its employees to question status quo, take initiative to come up with new and disruptive solutions and even spend 10% of their work time on innovative side projects that benefit the company on long-term.

My aim is to preserve that strong trust, freedom and flexibility as well as community spirit while helping the company grow. As the Head of People Operations I intend to focus on listening our employees, identifying gaps and opportunities, removing obstacles for business success and collaboratively building the strategy into action.

I’m extremely excited to join Tuxera and be a part of growing the next success story from Finland. And, together with my fellow Tuxerians, I also aim to have fun while doing it!