Tuxera solutions enable you to reliably expand the phone’s media storage capacity with the latest microSD cards so you don’t have to leave home without that very special song or playlist. With a 128 GB SD memory card you can store tens of thousands of high quality music and other media files – Konrad Bergström, Zound Industries

Marshall makes a bold, Rock’n’Roll statement on the smartphone market. In line with popular headphones and speakers, it goes further to introduce an ultimate phone for the music lovers. To bring it out, the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor is paired with a dedicated Cirrus Logic sound card. With unparalleled sound features, Marshall London is more than yet another gadget or a fashion accessory. Dual-facing speakers and a couple of 3.5mm headset jacks make it super easy to share music with friends or at an impromptu gathering. A golden wheel replaces typical volume control and a handy clicker up top allows users to quickly access all their music applications.

MarshallPhone’s software is also fine tuned to facilitate its rich music capabilities. Accessible in one click Marshall’s Music Central lets user switch between local content and streaming options. Other optimizations include sound equalizer, recording and different volume levels per output.

When the storage fills up with favorite songs, user can boost it with additional 128GB of goodness via a micro SD card. Integrated Tuxera solutions not only bring support for high-capacity SD cards but also ensure that user’s content will not get lost or corrupted during power loss, storage or battery removal. This way, the user can just relax and enjoy ultra quick access to all the albums on the go.

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