Where do we keep our media files? According to a study from Deloitte, 30% of customers just in the US are “digital omnivores” that own a smartphone, a tablet and a laptop. With the list of devices we own getting longer, the amount of digital content we create and store increases even further. Music, high definition photos and videos can take up a lot of space while the cloud storage is not versatile enough.

It is hardly a surprise that there is an upward trend in portable wireless storage. Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices allow for much more storage space than what a tablet or a smartphone can hold. Recently, we have seen an emergence of new models teasing customers with impressive range of expandable memory, long battery life, high performance and data security.

One of the most talked about Wi-Fi storage in the past couple of months was Kingston MobileLite Wireless, an SD memory card and USB flash drive reader that doubles as an emergency charger. Branded as a fabulous companion for active customers, it brings a lot of useful tools. The drive is accessed via an iOS or Android app and all of the stored content can be easily found by typing MobileLite’s IP address into the browser. Good news for travellers, up to three different users can connect and stream media at the same time with no impact to the play back performance.

Another interesting model is media hub with a multi-platform functionality brought to you by Taiwan-based Primax. Thanks to an integrated support for external drive and all types of SD memory cards, the users can easily stream and play back all of their digital content.

Both of the mentioned Wi-Fi storages come integrated with Tuxera file system suite that ensures no data will be lost even in case of an unsafe storage removal or a power loss.