Usually, all you’ll find in the in-flight magazines are the reviews of travel destinations and aviation news. Blue Wings, distributed on Finnair flights, is quite different. Each edition comes with a special theme. For November 2012, it features cutting-edge Nordic Technology.

The Nordics are known for their innovation, technology development and vivid startup ecosystem. One of the rising stars is our company, Tuxera. We have quickly moved from the initial startup phase to the truly exciting stage of high growth and rapid expansion. The focus of our business has been from the start on global markets and we feel to be perfectly fit to be featured in the Finnair cabin magazine.

As you can read from the article, Tuxera’s development aims at providing full interoperability across all kind of consumer electronics. Nowadays, we are surrounded by technology. We read books on eReaders, surf Internet on our smart-phones, use navigation and listen to the music in the cars, work on tablets and laptops. The challenge became to handle the constantly increasing data and at the same time to integrate all of the devices and make sure that we won’t end up losing our files. That’s where Tuxera comes into play.


We are delighted that Finnair, which aims to become the main link between Europe and Asia, chose us for its Nordic Technology feature. Tuxera’s software solutions are market leaders across Asia, the fastest growing technology manufacturing regions in the World. To be a part of it, we travel extensively between Finland and Asia and it is very convenient for us to have Finnair here with its direct flights to main business and technology hubs all over. When we have to choose between Finnair and some other airline, the choice for convenience is easy. Finnair’s expansion to the Far East goes hand-in-hand with Tuxera’s expansion and growing success there. We are thus looking forward to expand together with Finnair’s network.