Finland has been branded a vibrant start-up hub for a reason. Finnish sense of entrepreneurship dates back to the post dot-com period in the early 2000s when MySQL and Rovio were born. Now we boast a growing start-up community buzzing with enthusiasm and creativity. Not to mention the abundance of start-up agencies, entrepreneur-led accelerators such as TEKES, pool of high-tech know-how and entrepreneurship-friendly environment. However, up till now the Finnish tech and business press, with the single exception of ArcticStartup – an independent technology blog, has been eerily silent about the emerging start-up scene. It is nice to see it springing to life now.

Kauppalehti, the most influential business paper in Finland, just launched a special start-up section compiling all the news, public information, features and most recent capital investments. The newspaper picked out 149 promising companies, fishing for high potential and growth orientation. Interestingly, only 26 of them reported positive profits, most of which would usually not exceed €100 000 per annum. Tuxera, presented as a star among the start-ups, stands out with high potential, profitability and forecasts for the future. In the first feature of the series, apart from a brief summary, Kauppalehti article underlines how our focus markets switched from almost equal distribution between Europe, Asia and the USA to almost 80% of our business being conducted in the Far East.

Tietoviikko, Finland´s only independent ICT news magazine, also gets its say on the start-up scene. March edition of the bi-weekly publication comes out with an article on Tuxera, highlighting the international aspect of our business. As you can see, almost 100% of our sales occur abroad and it is hardly surprising that our team boasts nearly 20 different nationalities. We speak multiple languages; bring culture diversity and expertise from various parts of the world. In the commentary from Artturi Tarjanne, sought after mentor and advisor for Infocom entrepreneurs, you can read about Tuxera high growth, tech expertise and ideas for business expansion in the future.

With Tuxera in the lead, the start-up focus is slowly moving away from gaming industry into more diversified products and services.