During the weekend Tuxera office catered roughly 70 women as we sponsored and helped organize Girls in Tech Skills Bootcamp in our headquarters. Both Saturday and Sunday were filled with workshops and presentations. Also present were coaches and inspirational speakers from all different kind of areas. We wanted to gather women in the technology field (or who want to enter the field) together so they could learn from each other, make new connections, and be inspired and motivated by others.


To give a well-rounded experience and understanding there were different kind of modules to suit different interests and needs of women attending. All modules had coaches and workshops to help introduce the subject and make it more coherent also for those who might have ventured into the subject for the first time.
The Bootcamp Modules during the weekend were:

  • Programming – Dip your toes into the waters of web-programming  (Whether  you are in basic / intermediate or advanced levels we’ve got something for you)
  • Service Design – Learn more about customer journey and other useful techniques for designing user centered services
  • Leadership – Find your inner strengths
  • Sales and Negotiations – Understand other people better and learn to communicate effectively
  • Venture Building – Learn about building and growing your own company

Both days started with a light breakfast to help to keep energy up during the scheduled workshops and lunch to give all attendees time to network as well. On Saturday DJs were also on hand to help people relax and loosen up after a long first day of work.


The event was first of its kind and created a lot of interest before and after the weekend. It gave attendees the possibility to network with peers, meet professionals already working in the industry as well as gave them new skills or the possibility to spruce up some old ones.

Thank you for all who attended this weekend! We wish everybody got something out of this bootcamp and hope to see you again!