Last Saturday we hosted our first hackathon at Tuxera. The main theme was hacking content and data in Android and iOS. As we covered in our guest post at IP&TV News, we are witnessing an area of data explosion, mostly driven by the proliferation of apps and services that support and encourage the generation of content by users (i.e. user-generated content). This represents a huge opportunity for developers and visionaries to come together and start working towards “the next big thing”, so we thought of sharing our expertise in storage software and mobile development through a “hackathon”.

The word hackathon is a portmanteau of the words hack and marathon; together they mean a marathon of coding and development. Hackathons are events where participants gather under the same roof to collaboratively build software or applications in a short span of time (hackathons usually last between 10 and 72 hours). The main purpose of a hackathon is to quickly build something tangible that will solve a problem using a specific technology. Participating in a hackathon always requires a high level of commitment, a lot of passion and willingness to learn new things. Why do we believe in hackathons?

  • Developing new skills. Hackathons are a great opportunity to learn new something new or improve your existing skills; while there are similarities between the participants of a hackathon, they usually have different areas of knowledge (e.g. front-end vs back-end development). They are one of the best ways to exchange knowledge and tackle and approach problems from different points of view.
  • Learning by doing. You get coaching and help from experts, but nobody is going to write that piece of code for you! In a hackathon you push the boundaries to develop prototypes in a very short time; code styling and appearance matter very little against the rewarding feeling of working software.
  • Sharing ideas. You should always share your ideas in a hackathon. Remember that you are surrounded by passionate and skilled people; thus sharing what you think with others will help you be challenged and get your idea implemented in the simplest, most efficient way.
  • Fun. If you have built something before, either software or something on physical shape, this point requires no explanation 🙂

Hackathons are events for learning, meeting people, and having fun, all in a few hours time. If you want to know more and join one of our hackathon sessions, send us an email to with your questions and ideas.