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As many people in the northern parts of the world know and can relate to, the darkness of winter can be hard to face. It’s dark when you enter the office and it’s dark when you leave. The only light you see might be your screen illuminating the room or halogen lights piercing your eyes throughout the day.

While Finnish people may have developed ways to cope with the darkness over their lifetime, people who move to Finland might not be prepared for how much the darkness affects them. One way in which Finns cope is to take Vitamin D supplements. In many places around the world, Vitamin D is produced in sufficient amounts through sunlight exposure throughout the year.

But not here.

Finnish people are used to taking all kinds of vitamins, especially during the colder months, and Vitamin D supplements are considered a given. But to our international residents, having to supplement Vitamin D for good health may be “lost in the translation.”

Vitamin D3 freebee

At Tuxera, we have workers from 18 different nationalities—so it’s important to the wellbeing of the company as a whole that this information is passed on to those that relocate to join us. But even for those of us who regularly take vitamin supplements, how much do we truly know about the impact of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals on our wellbeing?

To combat the winter’s effects and to keep our heads better in the game, we asked our company healthcare provider, Terveystalo, to come to our brightly lit headquarters and give us a short introduction to these topics. We also gave a three-month supply of Vitamin D as a gift to all Tuxerians—in hopes to keep everyone energetic throughout the darker months.

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Aino Tuominen
Aino is our Events and community manager having her hands in all internal and external events as well as social media. She’s studied marketing and communications, but was previously working as an administrative assistant for us — meaning she's versatile enough to be the go-to-badass for most questions unspecific, too specific, or just plain weird.