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How Syabas uses Tuxera NTFS

  • July 12, 2010 /
  • by Mikko Välimäki
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A few weeks ago we published a press release with Syabas about the integration of Tuxera NTFS into Syabas set-top boxes. Here’s a brief overview how everyone using Syabas products benefits from Tuxera NTFS inside. In the below pic you have Syabas’ Popcorn Hour set-top box at Tuxera labs ready to rock:


On the left you have two USB ports and on the right a removable hard drive bay circled. You can plug any NTFS-formatted portable hard drive or USB stick full of high-definition movies into the USB ports and it is plug & play. The same goes for the hard drive bay: take your NTFS-formatted drive from your Windows box and it works seamlessly with the Syabas media tank without any additional drivers.

We think Syabas’ example shows where the market is going. With both disk and file sizes growing, NTFS is currently the best — and in increasing cases the only — format option if you want your storage media to work plug & play with all computers from PCs to Macs and Linuxes as well as the latest consumer electronic devices.

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Mikko Välimäki
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