This week you can find a Tuxera spread in Finland’s top business & finance paper, Kauppalehti. This time we made it to the cover of the most successful on the Finnish technology scene. Some of you must have seen a similar feature in Spring 2013 when we appeared in the section presenting Finland’s most exciting startups. With the growth off the charts, Tuxera is constantly ranked as one of the fastest growing high-tech companies in Finland.

Every second three devices powered with Tuxera are released to the market.

– Kauppalehti feature on Tuxera

What is the key to our success? Focused on file system and streaming technology, we enable people to do more and be more. On average you can find around ten different Tuxera-powered devices in every household. What about your new connected car? It’s highly possible that its infotainment system comes with Tuxera inside. Tuxera software not only maximizes the hardware, but also ensures that your data is never lost and always available for editing, transfer or streaming. One of our latest innovations – AllConnect SDK connects the unconnected letting all your devices talk to each other no matter the brand, protocol or operating system.