MWC 2015 (3)

The focus of the biggest mobile show is gradually shifting from smartphones and tablets to products, accessories and network technologies that bring people closer to a fully connected lifestyle. Mobile remains at the core of Internet of Things, controlling the connected environment and linking entertainment, health, fitness and finance. The biggest trend for 2015-2016 models adds “always-on” embedded features that anticipate the next move of the user, streamlining phone’s operations. The so-called context aware phones with integrated sensor hubs will prove especially useful in indoor navigation.

Again this year, connected cars make a splash at Mobile World Congress as a part of connected life. Manufacturers showcase new solutions for interacting with the infotainment system, added security, unlimited access to services and user’s data with an overall focus on providing a complete experience for both the driver and the passengers. One trend is to connect home and car technologies, letting users control everything at home directly from the car dashboard. Thanks to this link, user will be able to do things such as opening the garage doors, turning the alarm off and switching on the thermostat already from the driveway. As more functionalities and features are being added, the industry is moving closer to autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles.

Booming connected devices market needs more efficient networks in order to accommodate all devices and make sure the users can always access their data and control the connected ecosystem. Optimized Tuxera file systems, network, streaming and IoT technologies help everyone to take full advantage of expanded bandwidth, push hardware to the limit and make it more responsive. This way we ensure the fastest file transfer and the lowest CPU consumption, meaning that there is more room for other services to run at the same time.

Interoperability in the IoT

As the number of internet-enabled devices grows, there is a clear need for a solution that enables them to connect and seamlessly exchange information. At the same time, users want to access their content and push it to any device they want. With hundreds of incompatible IoT standards, the market is fragmented and users limited to one-brand and one-protocol ecosystems. In order to bring real interoperability, we need a much tighter cooperation between hardware and software. To create a perfect user experience, the application needs to sense and interact with any device, pull users’ content from any location and link it with the devices to set a mood. That is where Tuxera’s AllConnect comes in.

IoT panel at MWC2015