When: March 4th, 1PM to 1.45PM

Where: Hall 8, Theatre B

Topic: Standards & Interoperability – Creating a whole that is bigger than the sum of the parts

The track is organized by AllSeen Alliance and focuses on the Internet of Things (IoT) and how to unleash the future of connected devices.

To build a future of ubiquitously connected devices, we must overcome interoperability issues through cross-industry collaboration. This track will explore why open source innovation will lead to seamless connectivity of products in the marketplace. Critical areas around the Internet of Things will be addressed, including security, privacy, cloud, location services and big data management. Join us as we explore the innovations and new value proposition of connected products. – AllSeen Alliance

How do we make sure that all devices speak the same language? Join us for a panel discussion on standards and interoperability in a connected world. Head of Connected Experiences at Tuxera, Claudio Camacho will be chatting with Yongjin Kim from Modacom and Graham Martin from EnOcean Alliance about incompatibility issues in the IoT and what we can do to solve them.

Interoperability Issues in the IoT

Connected solutions

The IoT is a rapidly evolving market with 30B devices estimated to hit the shelves by 2020. Decreasing cost of computing, availability of ultra-low power wireless technologies and wide Internet access at virtually no cost opened a full range of possibilities, but it seems that many companies failed to fully seize them. By designing devices that work only with one brand, they create fragmented and incompatible ecosystem where devices running different operating systems and supporting different protocols are unable to talk to each other. We want our users to be able to take a full advantage of  their connected homes and cars without having to worry about anything. AllConnect SDK offers a unified API that allows developers to build mobile apps that communicate with billions of devices. It also facilitates interactions between smart devices, controlling lights, music, temperature, security and many other services.

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