Discover Universal Controller for the Connected Home and the Fastest SMB on the Planet

Helsinki, Finland – December 22, 2014 – Tuxera Inc., the market leader in file system, digital storage, and streaming technologies, is inviting all interested parties to join Tuxera Technology Showcase at CES 2015. Tuxera’s demo suite offers a unique sneak-peak into company’s latest advancements in media streaming, file systems, file sharing and digital storage technologies. The showcase is open at Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino from January 6th to 9th.

Product demos include:

  • Fastest SMB on the planet. Tuxera Network Storage Accelerator makes the Qualcomm IPQ speeds go through the roof.
  • Ultimate data consistency in every situation with Tuxera file systems. No data is lost or corrupted in case of plug-off, power-off, or a system crash.
  • Tuxera’s AllConnect SDK transforms the smartphone into a universal controller for the connected home. Features multi-room and multi-session.

Tuxera Network Storage Accelerator pushes transfer speeds of applications such as SMB, FTP, and others to the hardware limit. Tuxera file systems optimized with the accelerator boost read and write performance achieving the highest network storage speeds on the market. Depending on the platform, performance improvements reach up to 300%. Demo at CES presents the fastest consumer SMB performance on Qualcomm’s IPQ platform.

Tuxera’s file system solutions including NTFS, exFAT, FAT and Flash File System, are designed to provide the best reliability on external SD cards and internal eMMC flash storages used in security and action cameras as well as internal HDDs for recorders and DVRs. Demo at CES displays Tuxera’s fail-safe file system technology.

Tuxera’s AllConnect SDK gives users the power to control the Internet of Everything. It enables all devices to connect and talk to each other regardless of the operating system, brand, and protocol. Demo at CES showcases the ease of accessing and streaming multiple songs and movies to any device, be it wireless speakers, smart TV, tablet and many others. The SDK with full documentation is ready for evaluation. To find out more about AllConnect SDK please visit:

For more information please email us at: or call: +1 650 305 0600.

For more information please contact:

Karolina Mosiadz
Marketing and Communications

About Tuxera: 
Tuxera is the leading provider of file systems and streaming technology that allow music, pictures, videos and other content to be ported across mobiles, tablets, home entertainment, consumer, industrial or any other electronics. Tuxera’s industry-standard file system solutions for Android, Linux, Mac OS X and other platforms have hundreds of millions installations. Close collaboration with industry leaders ensures reliable compatibility and helps to set high standard in performance, low power use for embedded and mobile solutions. For more information, please visit