CES 2015 kicked off with tech innovations from all the industry corners. Ultra HD TVs come as thin as your smartphone and there is a whole section dedicated to drones and robotics.

smart TV CES

The consumer electronic sales are expected to grow further from $216 billion in 2014 to $223 billion in 2015, with the large chunk of growth coming from 4K TVs, wearables and 3D printing. As more devices are connected to each other, they offer a better, more personalized experience for the end user. Fully automated homes and smart, self driving cars are setting the trends. Concept of the connected home is evolving, giving the customers the possibility to control the lights, set the thermostat and define playlists for speakers in different rooms all at the same time.


At the same time, car manufacturers are focusing not only on the connectivity inside the car, but linking the car to a smart city and creating smart roads. The massive amount of data created by the cars can be utilized to improve the overall driving experience.

connected car CES

How do we make sure that the technology is not overwhelming and the devices can actually interact with other? As the number of connected devices is estimated to hit 50 billion by 2020, there is a need for a seamless solution that will allow them to connect and talk to each other without any hassle. Tuxera’s AllConnect brings a an easy way to control a whole IoT ecosystem directly from your smartphone or a tablet. Whether it is streaming multiple movies or songs to multiple devices simultaneously or setting the mood in the house, AllConnect is there to make sure everything works out of the box.

To see it live and check out the latest advancements in file systems and digital storage solutions contact us to book your time for the demo at CES. We are hosting a private suite at Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino.