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Microsoft BizSpark

  • August 18, 2009 /
  • by Mikko Välimäki


Spent this morning at Microsoft’s BizSpark event in Espoo.

It was a three hour session with a number of short talks and enthusiasm to get Microsoft partners to work and cooperate together. Keynote speaker was Petri I Salonen who runs IAMCP and TELLUS International in the US. A well motivated talk from a seasoned software entrepreneur.

I also explained Tuxera to Artur Surov from Technolopolis Ventures and I am going to pitch Tuxera again 10.9.2009 in their MoneyTalks event.

Overall it was a surprisingly lively morning event and also productive for us. It was nice to get direct feedback on who we are and what we do at Tuxera. I am confident we can find opportunities with other partners in the Microsoft ecosystem in the near future.

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Mikko Välimäki
Every business veteran has their success story. Mikko’s is Tuxera, which he’s been building together with Szabolcs Szakacsits since 2008. Mikko is not just Tuxera’s CEO – he's also founded several startups over the span of his career. He enjoys sharing his experiences through coaching, guest lectures, and keynotes covering topics from building and selling products, to creating teams and long-lasting business partnerships.