Over the last four months, we’ve introduced updates to the AllConnect app for Android. After many tests and bug fixes, we’re happy to announce that the all-new version of the app is now available in Google Play.

The most notable difference from previous versions is the app’s new look and feel. When we originally created AllConnect, we thought it would be helpful for you to first find the content you want to stream, then choose the device you’d like to stream it to. However, we learned from user testing that the app also needs to help you find and connect to the devices surrounding you – right from the first screen.

Based on these findings, we completely overhauled the user experience: now you can discover and pair with all the devices around you as soon as you launch AllConnect. Tap on your device and you can easily select the media you want to stream: whether the file is on your current device, in the cloud, online, or on other devices.

All Connect 2ns screenAllConnect 1st screen

There’s also more under the hood. Our developers have been updating the code to ensure smoother functionality. Thanks to that, the AllConnect app now works better than ever before.

With 3M downloads, AllConnect users are starting to form a real community. To help that community grow and thrive, we’re working on a new feature to help you discover the best content and connect with other AllConnect users.

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