Pantech is a Korean company not too many knew about just a few years ago. They started out back in the early 1990s with pagers and over the years expanded to phones, in a way reminding of how RIM grew. Today Pantech is the third biggest phone manufacturer in Korea behind just Samsung and LG. Pantech does pretty much all kind of Android smartphones from the entry level to the high end focusing on the hot, highly competitive Korean, Japanese and US markets. Unlike RIM and some other old giants, Pantech has decided to grow with the market instead of trying to redefine it.

The phone we ship together first is called Vega R3 and we’ve had the shipping units here for testing over a month now. If you think about the features they are truly over the top as of today: the latest quad-core Snapdragon S4, huge 5.3″ inch crystal clear screen, 4G LTE, and a 13MP camera. Vega R3 is also my first personal phone since using iPhones over five years and my conclusion is that after obvious Android migration hassles Pantech does deliver.

Of course the specs will be overtaken one day (and based on rumors Pantech is set to top Vega R3 themselves by CES) in the near future but what we hope and believe will stay is the attitude we have seen Pantech has in developing and delivering their products. They boldly aim to the mainstream, do not fear competition, and just focus on their own game at delivering better products quicker than anybody has done before. That can-do, forward-looking attitude can take companies far. Good job!