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Standard conferences typically involve traveling to destinations and having to pick between sessions due to limited time. While this can offer a change of pace and a breath of fresh air, it also creates the hassle of time and budgeting commitments. The Embedded Online Conference, first established in 2020, skips all of that. You can save on time and the hassle of travel while getting straight to the meat: high-quality embedded industry talks, Q&A’s, and more – accessible when and where you want.

Presentation: Embedded design during chip shortages

At this year’s conference, you will have the chance to hear Dave Hughes, Director of Product Management for Embedded at Tuxera, talk about achieving portability in embedded designs. Read the abstract below for more information.

Abstract: In these modern times of chip shortages, the need for flexibility and portability in the design of embedded products has been pushed to center stage. There are three main factors that tie your development to a particular microcontroller: the RTOS, the toolchain, and the peripheral controllers. This presentation describes the embedded development practices Tuxera uses to free users of microcontroller dependency, in order to make their software solutions portable – an absolute must for an embedded software company. Your product expertise should not be held hostage to the global supply chain problems. By making good design decisions early in the development process you can make it easier to move to alternative architectures when unexpected supply chain issues appear.


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